Show Jackets & Tailcoats for Competitions

Equestrian sports have always been a classic sport where competitions are held in jackets in many of the disciplines. Competition jackets, unlike "ordinary" jackets, are expected to be flexible and agile. A showjumper should be able to follow the horse over obstacles without hindrance, and a dressage rider should be able to perform the program without the dressage jacket affecting movements or aids.
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What Differentiates a Cheap Riding Jacket from a Pricier One?

One common question when choosing a riding jacket is which price range to consider. There are riding jackets available from a few hundred to well over 10,000 kronor, and, as with regular clothing, several factors affect the price. Here are some examples:

  • Material: The material the jacket is made of naturally affects both the price and functionality. Breathability, stretch, and fit are aspects that often improve with a more expensive jacket.
  • Appearance: In many cases, you're paying for the appearance. Contrast details, Swarovski crystals, and similar embellishments may not affect comfort or fit, but they certainly impact the price.
  • Production: Where the jacket is produced matters, as production in Europe is generally more expensive than in, for example, Asia. Production in Europe is often seen as a quality stamp that many manufacturers are clear about.
Another important factor to consider is the cost per use of the jacket. If you compete only a few times a year, you can find a satisfactory jacket in the lower or mid-range that you'll be very happy with. However, if you're a more active competitor frequently attending events or competitions every other weekend, it may be worth investing in a jacket to get that extra level of fit and comfort or unique appearance details.

Different Colors of Riding Jackets

Historically, black and navy blue jackets have been the standard, regardless of whether it's a show jumping competition jacket or a classic dressage jacket. The latter has almost exclusively been black and navy blue, especially for short and long tails, as these colors are the easiest to match with other items to create an elegant ensemble. When it comes to other disciplines like show jumping, the selection is broader, and shades like burgundy and green have long been popular colors and provide a lovely contrast to navy blue, which remains the most popular color overall.
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Softshell Tailcoat Classic Donatella Black
From €281.82 From €449
Softshell Tailcoat Classic Donatella 0Navy Blue
From €281.82 From €449
Competition Jacket Isalie Beige
From €234.89 From €260.99
Competition Jacket Light Abrienne Black
From €64.59 From €108.99
Competition JacketPaulin Navy
From €192.87 From €277.99
Competition Jacket GP Perforated Beige
€357.59 €446.99
Competition Jacket Jr R-EVO Black
€215.99 €269.99
Competition Jacket Valentine Black
€222.39 €277.99
Alcantara Tailcoat Black
€397.79 €467.99
Competition Jacket Light Abrienne Navy 130
From €64.59 From €108.99
Competition Jacket Florida Matt Black
€306.84 €360.99
Competition Jacket Sophia Classic Dark Green
€166.79 €277.99
Competition Jacket Sophia Classic Navy
€166.79 €277.99
Lud Competition Jacket Navy Blue
€226.99 €453.99
Competition Jacket Elvira Navy Blue
€235.89 €336.99
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