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Do you want a high-performing horse that can reach its full concentration and performance potential and then recover quickly and efficiently after training? This requires both vitality and strength in the building blocks of cells, as well as a relaxed muscle and nervous system. You can achieve this with carefully selected and formulated products containing natural amino acids, vitamins, herbs, oils, and more. Help your horse reach its full potential with our high-quality supplements for enhanced performance. Here, you will find a wide range of supplements for performance-enhancing effects and optimal recovery for strained muscles. Everything you need to give your horse an extra boost and elevate your collective performance to the next level.
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Energy Boosters for Horses

Does your horse need an energy boost before a performance or maybe just a little extra kick to raise the energy level during an intense training period? Perhaps your horse is going through a tired phase and could use a pick-me-up to get back on track? Check out our supplements with energy-boosting effects. They rejuvenate the tired horse, support the horse's body during recovery, and improve the horse's performance and responsiveness.

Electrolytes for Recovery

If your horse is going to undergo extra strenuous efforts, such as during training, competition, or performance in hot weather, provide your horse with optimal recovery by adding electrolytes that balance the body's salt levels. Electrolytes can restore the important salts that the horse loses during intense exertion.

Relaxed Muscles

We also have feed supplements that expedite recovery after exertion by promoting relaxed muscles and supporting tissue recovery in case of strain and injuries. The supplement "Recover" contains a blend of beneficial antioxidants such as turmeric and rosehip. Supplements for optimal recovery contribute, among other things, to faster recuperation, reduced susceptibility to infections, and less fatigue and wear and tear on the organs.

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