Horse Gut & Digestion Supplements - Balancers & Probiotic for Horses

The horse's digestive system is designed for it to eat small amounts frequently, and it has a small stomach relative to its total body volume. Our feeding routines are not always entirely optimal for horses, and there are other factors in a horse's daily life that can affect and disrupt its digestive function. For example, if the horse travels frequently, competes and is expected to perform at a high level, or is in a stressful environment. In such cases, supplements that aid the horse's digestion can be a good idea to avoid and prevent gastric ulcers.
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Supplemental Feed for Gastric Ulcers

Digestive issues are not uncommon in horses today, and if a horse is not helped to prevent or counteract this, it can eventually develop into gastric ulcers. Today, there are high-quality natural products designed to support a horse suffering from gastric ulcers. You can provide health-promoting supplements for digestive balance as a preventive measure, and you can also give supplements that counteract existing gastric ulcers in consultation with your veterinarian. Here, you will find our range of high-quality supplements that benefit a stressed stomach.

Supplemental Feed for Older Horses

As a horse gets older, its digestive health can be affected by factors such as slightly reduced or impaired function. Older horses may also experience hormonal changes that affect their bodies in various ways, which may require balancing and assistance. First and foremost, consult with your veterinarian, but there are also good supplemental feeds that can support balanced digestive function and help the horse lead a more harmonious life.

Psyllium Seeds or Flea Seeds for Good Digestive Health

When there is a shortage of grass on the ground, for example, during the fall and winter months, or if the horse is in a gravel paddock, it's a good idea to monitor to ensure it doesn't ingest too much sand and gravel. Some horses find roots tasty and may ingest some soil when they dig in the ground and nibble on roots. Unfortunately, the risk of colic increases if the horse ingests a lot of sand or gravel. In such cases, flea seeds or psyllium seeds, as they are also called, are a good solution. Flea seeds form a mucilage when they reach the stomach and come into contact with stomach acid. This mucilage binds sand and gravel and transports it out of the body naturally. It's always a good idea to have some flea seeds at home so that you can provide them as a supplement preventively during particularly risky seasons.
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