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For various reasons, one might sometimes need to combine some type of mouthpiece with the effect one gets from a bitless option. Therefore, the so-called combination bits have emerged. A combination bit is, as the name suggests, a combination of two different types of bits.
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For various reasons, one might sometimes need to combine the characteristics of a mouthpiece with the effects of a bitless option. This is why the so-called combination bits have been developed. A combination bit, as the name suggests, combines the properties of both, giving the effect from each component. The bitless part affects like a hackamore by exerting pressure over the horse's nasal bridge and under the jaw, while the mouthpiece functions like a typical bit by applying pressure on the tongue and bars of the horse's mouth. Generally, the combination bit primarily operates through the pressure that the bitless part provides, and with a firmer rein action, the effect is also felt in the mouth. For instance, a combination bit might be suitable for horses that are very sensitive in the mouth but do not function well with just a hackamore.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Combination Bit

Many combination bits are adjustable, meaning that you can vary the amount of pressure applied to the horse's nasal bridge and jaw versus in the mouth. With a slightly looser strap under the jaw, more pressure is placed on the nasal bridge, and a tighter strap provides more effect in the mouth. All bits with shanks also produce some leverage effect, which varies in intensity depending on the length of the shanks. Always start with as gentle a bit as possible and shorter shanks for less leverage if you or the horse are not used to it. It's of utmost importance that the horse is comfortable with its bit, so you have everything to gain by carefully selecting and trying out the right one. Many combination bits have a mouthpiece made of rubber; if you want to ensure that it doesn't break, you should look for versions that have a wire inside the rubber.

Soft and Anatomical Combination Bits

We offer well-designed combination bits of high quality. Here, you will find bits with mouthpieces made of soft, non-toxic rubber. We also have anatomically shaped combination bits that remain very stable in the horse's mouth. A bit that stays still in the mouth tends to be favored by sensitive horses or young horses. As always, when trying out bits and other equipment for the horse, knowledge and caution are required. Always seek help from someone experienced if you are unsure. Do you have any questions? You're always welcome to consult with us at Horseonline!
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