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Riding clothes are not a necessity, but after just a short time in the saddle with functional and specially designed clothing, you quickly realize how much it facilitates the experience. Apart from style, it's also worth considering aspects such as safety, comfort, and functionality to ensure you have the most enjoyable ride possible on horseback.

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Considerations When Buying Riding Clothes

The best riding clothes are those designed specifically for riding. While you can technically ride in anything, functional riding clothes created for the purpose exist for a reason. A safe riding helmet, a pair of riding shoes with heels along with short chaps to avoid pinched calves, or preferably a pair of riding boots and a safety vest, are essential components of your riding equipment. Riding clothes are an investment you won't regret.

Equestrian sports are indeed a sport, and as a rider, a riding session often leads to warmth and sweat. Choosing functional clothing that wicks away moisture and ensures you don't get chilled is crucial when selecting your riding clothes. Another, perhaps the most important consideration, is comfort. Besides ensuring that your riding clothes fit well and are comfortable, you also need to think about the friction generated during riding, which can easily lead to chafing. Riding clothes are designed to prevent this.

Riding Clothes for Children and Juniors, as well as Women and Men

In our range, you'll find a wide selection of stylish riding clothes for children and juniors, as well as for women and men. Most guidelines for buying riding clothes apply to children and adults, boys and girls, as well as men and women. However, some factors may vary.

Choose Underwear Carefully

Starting from the inside and looking at underwear for riding, it's essential to choose underwear that has no seams that can cause chafing and fits snugly without bunching up and causing friction during riding. For girls, it's also important to choose a good sports bra that provides support for the bust, shoulders, and back.

Riding Clothes for the Upper Body

For the upper body, you want to select a riding shirt that breathes well and wicks moisture when you sweat, so you don't end up wet and chilled. When choosing a riding jacket, keep in mind that it's best not to have a hood or at least have a removable hood to minimize the risk of getting caught on branches, for example, during an outdoor ride. If you're riding for a trainer, it's also a good idea to choose a close-fitting jacket so the instructor can easily see your position and provide instructions accordingly.

It's advantageous to wear riding gloves on your hands, both when riding and when working in the stable. These gloves protect against chafing from reins, lead ropes, handles, and more, while also providing extra grip and keeping your fingers warm and flexible.

Best Riding Clothes for the Lower Body

For the lower body, equip yourself with a pair of riding pants during your riding sessions. These are designed for an optimal fit in the saddle and should minimize the risk of chafing. They also provide increased grip in the saddle, depending on the type of material used. To prevent your riding pants from riding up and to make it easier to put on both riding boots and chaps, riding socks are a fantastic tool. If you're only wearing riding shoes, riding socks can also act as an extra layer of protection against pinched calves. Most importantly, high riding socks help keep them in place and prevent them from sliding down under your heel, as low socks tend to do.

Warm Riding Clothes for Winter and Cool Riding Clothes for Summer

There is no bad weather, only bad clothing—equipping yourself according to the season is essential to cope with life in the stable. During the summer months, it's easy to shed layers and wear only a pair of riding pants and perhaps a tank top or a thin t-shirt. However, since not all summer days are sunny and dry, it's also necessary to invest in riding clothes for rain and inclement weather. A riding coat, or preferably a rain jacket, is a must to keep you comfortable during long hours in the stable. The same applies to warm riding clothes for the winter season. When the cold sets in, a riding coverall, a pair of warm winter riding pants, or even a pair of winter riding boots may be necessary to withstand the elements.

Stylish Riding Clothes for Competition

In our range, you'll find elegant riding clothes for competition. We are known for our selection of exclusive and luxurious riding clothes for high-performance riders who are dedicated to the sport. We offer a wide range of competition clothes from well-known brands such as Italian Cavalleria Toscana and Equiline, world-leading Samshield, and prestigious Pikeur, just to name a few of the famous brands you'll find with us. Buy your competition jacket, white riding breeches, and competition top from us.

In addition to competition clothes, we also have a fine selection of training and everyday riding clothes, regardless of your riding discipline. When buying riding clothes online, you can always trust that you'll receive high-quality and durable riding clothes from us. Our range includes popular brands such as Jacson, Swedish Mountain Horse, and affordable HKM, not to mention favorites like Ariat, Equipage, and Kingsland.

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