Pelham Bits and Baby Pelham Bits - Bits with Leverage Effect

The Pelham bit and the baby Pelham are types of leverage bits characterized by their leverage action. All leverage bits have a type of shank, an extension of the bit below the usual bit ring, which constitutes the actual leverage.
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When the rein is attached to it, a lever is formed. The strength of the bit is largely determined by how long the shanks are. The longer the shanks, the more leverage effect, and therefore a sharper effect.

Baby Pelham - shorter shanks provide less leverage

Nowadays, the baby Pelham is the most commonly used of these two leverage bits. The baby Pelham is a milder alternative to the traditional Pelham bit, where the difference is that the baby Pelham has shorter shanks. With shorter shanks, the leverage effect is less, thus the baby Pelham is considered milder than the traditional Pelham. Both types of Pelham bits can be advantageously ridden with double reins. This allows the rider to control the bit's impact by varying how much pressure is applied to the actual lever and the usual bit ring, varying as needed. If you want to ride with one rein, there are different types of connectors to use that distribute the pressure between the usual and the lower bit ring on a leverage bit. A tip if you want to make your Pelham even milder is to have a bridle with a broader headpiece with simple padding.

Function of the curb chain in the leverage bit

Leverage bits like the Pelham are used in conjunction with a curb chain which regulates how much the bit can tilt when the rein is taken, that is, how sharp a leverage effect you can get. It's essential that the chain is fitted correctly and not too tight or too loose. You can say the chain acts as a "stop" for how much leverage one can get, and usually, the chain is tightened so that the bit's shank at a rein pull can move about 30 percent or form a 45-degree angle against the horse's lip. A looser chain provides a more extensive angle and thus a sharper effect.

Pelham with or without rubber

Besides different shank lengths, Pelham bits also come in various designs regarding the mouthpiece. There are unjointed, double-jointed, and three-part Pelhams. The material of the mouthpiece can also vary, and there are Pelham bits both with and without a rubber-coated mouthpiece. At Horseonline, you will find high-quality Pelham bits from well-known brands, you are warmly welcomed with your order.
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