Horse Breathing & Respiratory Supplements - For Clear Airways

Just like humans, horses can also suffer from respiratory problems or sensitive airways that can be easily irritated by factors such as dust and pollen. In fact, respiratory issues are one of the most common illnesses in horses and are often associated with a compromised immune system. Here you will find dietary supplements that help maintain the horse's respiratory health and support healthy breathing.
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Nutritious Herbs and Essential Oils

Natural herbs and essential oils help, among other things, clean and open up the horse's airways and keep bacteria and disease-causing organisms at bay. Herbs and essential oils are also needed to keep the bronchial mucus sufficiently fluid so that the lungs can remain free from fungi and bacteria. A rich variety of herbs in the roughage that contains many herbs contributes to a strong immune system. If the roughage contains smaller amounts of various herbs, the horse will not get as much of the important trace elements and essential oils that help maintain a strong immune system. Here you will find high-quality products that can both prevent impaired lung function and help support good health in the horse's respiratory system.

Prevent Respiratory Problems in Horses

Respiratory problems such as coughing, difficulty breathing, or nasal discharge can be signs that the horse is lacking or getting too little of important herbs in its roughage. In such cases, it may be a good idea to provide supplements that contain herbs or other substances that promote respiratory health. Examples of mucus-reducing herbs that help open up the airways are chamomile, peppermint, anise, cumin, thyme, and fennel. These are common ingredients in supplements that promote respiratory health for both horses and humans. Beetroot is also something that has become very popular for horses, but it is also widely used by athletes. Beetroot stimulates the body's oxygen uptake capacity and is said to accelerate recovery and increase endurance.

Mucus-Reducing for Horses with Cough

Horses can also have common colds, coughs, and mucus buildup, and in such cases, it can be beneficial to provide something that alleviates this. Here you will find supplements that help open up the upper airways with the aim of improving the horse's breathing. This is effective against, for example, coughs caused by irritation.
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