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If an accident were to occur, it is very beneficial to have a safety vest that provides protection and can reduce potential injuries to you as a rider. The safety vest can protect your back, chest, ribs, and internal organs in the event of a fall. Here you will find safety vests for both children and adults, all of which are approved according to safety class 3.
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In addition to safety vests, we also have back protectors, which are a lighter form of protection primarily focused on safeguarding the back. Back protectors do not have the same safety class as safety vests. Please refer to each product for specific requirements.

Safety Vests in Competition

The Swedish Equestrian Federation states that all riders under the age of 18 should always wear safety vests, and when it comes to competitions, it becomes a requirement. The rules stipulate that all riders under 18 years of age must wear an approved safety vest during show jumping competitions, and all riders must wear an approved safety vest during the cross-country phase of eventing. So, what constitutes an approved safety vest? You can read about this in the next section on this page. Some competition organizers have their own rules, such as at club competitions, where they may require all participants to use safety vests. Learn more about the rules regarding the use of safety vests on the Swedish Equestrian Federation's website or in the Competition Regulations.

Requirements for Approved Safety Vests

For a safety vest to be approved for competition, it must bear the CE mark and have a safety level of 3 with the designation EN 13158. Here are the rules regarding how a safety vest should be labeled, as found on the Swedish Equestrian Federation's website:

  • CE-marked and specified as a rider's safety vest.
  • Size and the level it is classified in. Level 1, 2, or 3.
  • Requirements and test methods SS-EN 13158.
  • BETA - British Equestrian Trade Association - is a British industry organization.
  • The labeling should adhere to the standard's levels.
  • A Beta-certified safety vest also complies with the mandatory European standard EN 13158 and must be CE-marked.

Considerations When Purchasing a Safety Vest

  • The safety vest should fit snugly around the body and not be too large.
  • The front piece should cover the ribs, chest, and collarbones.
  • The back piece should cover the entire spine and end just above the tailbone. If the vest contacts the saddle's cantle and pushes up into the neck during riding, it is a sign that it is too long. It should stay in place even during riding and movement.
  • Check what is required for your discipline; for show jumping and eventing, CE marking and safety level 3 are required.

Note: Always refer to the current Competition Regulations (TR) for the latest rules regarding the use of safety vests. The above rules are applicable at the time of writing but may be updated before we can make necessary adjustments.

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