Dog Collars & Harnesses - Leather Collars, Light Up Dog Collars and More!

Beautiful decoration or perhaps for outdoor activities - there are a variety of dog collars to choose from; leather collars, nylon collars, reflective collars, half-choke collars, and full-choke collars.
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Which collar should I choose?

Choose a dog collar that suits the purpose. Leather collars are popular because they are comfortable and stylish but also durable - they last a long time. If the dog will be running a lot in the woods and fields, nylon collars may be more suitable as they are sleek and easy to clean. If the collar will be worn for an extended period, or perhaps by an active dog, wider collars are recommended as narrower bands can often be more stressful. A half-choke collar is a safer alternative to a full-choke collar if the dog owner is not entirely sure how choke collars should be used safely. The purpose is to counteract the dog's tendency to pull on the leash, and because this variant has a larger fixed part, it also prevents it from being tightened so tightly that the dog cannot breathe. For a puppy, a slim and easily adjustable collar is recommended. Finally, since we have some darker months in Sweden, we believe there should always be a reflective collar available at home - and this can be complemented with a reflective dog blanket or a small attachable lamp.

How do I choose the right size?

When choosing the size, start by measuring the dog's circumference around the neck and throat, leaving enough room for one finger to fit between the collar and the dog to ensure it's not too tight.
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Leather Dog Collar Black
€20.79 €25.99
Dog Collar Wool Pink
Dog Collar Wool Beige
Dog Harness Wool Beige
From €49.99
Dog Collar Wool Grey
Dog Collar Lina Leather Brown
From €7.99
Dog Collar Lina Leather Black
From €7.99
Dog Collar Corduroy Black
Dog Collar Iris Nylon Pink
From €3.99
Dog Collar Iris Nylon Black
From €3.99
Dog Collar Velvet Old Rose
Dog Collar Loop Grey
Dog Harness Active Velvet Black
From €44.99
Dog Harness Wool Pink
From €49.99
Dog Harness Wool Grey
From €49.99
Dog Collar Corduroy Green
Dog Collar Corduroy Brown
Dog Collar Tweed/Leather Green
From €15.99
Car Harness for Dogs
Dog Bow Tie Mustard Yellow
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