Winter Rugs for Horse and Pony

When cold, rain, snow, and wind dominate during the winter season, it's good to protect your horse with a suitable outdoor blanket or winter blanket. Winter blankets for horses come in many designs and varying thicknesses so that you can find the optimal one for the climate where you live.
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The main function of a winter blanket is to keep the horse dry and warm over the back. At Horseonline, we offer a wide range of quality blankets from well-known brands. Keep reading for more detailed information about winter blankets.

Horse Blankets from 100-400g

Our winter blankets and outdoor blankets come in varying thicknesses, ranging from 0-400 grams of insulation, providing your horse with complete protection depending on the weather. Generally, thicker blankets are used in the northern parts of the country where it is colder. However, in addition to the number of degrees below freezing, it's also essential to consider factors like wind and precipitation, which may necessitate a thicker, especially waterproof, blanket. If your horse is very active in the pasture, it can become warm in its blanket, so make sure to have a breathable and durable one, preferably with a high Denier and ripstop for added strength.

Horse Blankets with Detachable Liners

We also have blankets with detachable inner liners, known as liners, which make it incredibly convenient to change and vary the thickness according to the season. Detachable liners also facilitate washing, as you only need to wash the inner liner and can preserve the original waterproofing of the outer shell for longer.

Winter Blankets with Neck

Generally, the neck is not as sensitive to cold, but if you have a clipped or sensitive horse, it's a good idea to protect the neck during harsh weather. Blankets with necks can also be useful during heavy precipitation, as they prevent snow/water from running along the neck and onto the shoulder inside the blanket, as can happen with a neckless blanket. This helps prevent the blanket from leaking water, keeping the horse dry for longer.
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Winter Blanket Rambo Original T/O 400g Green/Red
€212.97 €354.95
Winter Rug Mio 200g Dark Blue
Winter Rug Mio 200g Black
Winter Blanket Top Notch 200g Navy Blue
From €68.70 From €229
Winter Blanket Top Notch 400g Navy Blue
From €74.70 From €249
Winter Rug Amigo Hero Ripstop 200g Burgundy
€77.67 €110.95
Turnout Rug Amigo Bravo 12 100g Brown
€121.77 €173.95
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