Technical Safety Stirrups for Jumping, Dressage & Cross Country

An important question when it comes to stirrups is, of course, safety, which has evolved quite a bit over the years. In addition to safety, there are plenty of features in our stirrups that, for example, increase comfort, cushion the load, and position the rider in perfect balance.
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Design and appearance come in a multitude of variations, and stirrups have become something that many use as a style icon. The stirrup is a central detail visible in the equestrian equipment, and many see it as an opportunity to express their personal style.

Find the Right Stirrups for You

Traditionally, stirrups have usually been made of stainless steel, also called Fillis stirrups. In dressage, this classic model is still the most common as the rulebook requires traditional color and style. In addition to this, plastic, aluminum, and composite (a combination of different materials) are commonly used materials today, and within show jumping, the variations in style and appearance are significant. You can consider these criteria to make it easier to choose stirrups that suit your needs:

  • Is high safety important? Then you should look for stirrups with releases that free the foot in the event of a fall.
  • Do you have problems with knees or joints and ligaments? There are stirrups with a slope in the plate or with a flexible plate thanks to flexible sides. These stirrups are adapted or can be adapted for optimal load and protect the knees and ankles.
  • Do you have high demands on comfort? Stirrups with a broad plate are usually considered very comfortable and provide the leg with a stable grip.
  • Style and design, check what applies to your discipline. There may also be safety requirements.

Stirrups with Replaceable Details

For those with very high demands, there are, of course, stirrups that meet all criteria, but there are also variants that focus more on one thing or another. There are endless variations in appearance and design of stirrups today, and you can even change the appearance of your existing stirrups with the help of replaceable details. This is something that has become very popular when you want to match your outfit and can easily be done by replacing a detail on the stirrup. We at Horseonline are both active and former competition and hobby riders, and our collective knowledge and experience form the basis for the assortment we choose. You are always welcome to ask us if you are unsure.
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