Waterford Bits - Four-Jointed Bits

The Waterford bit is a type of bit that is especially suitable for horses that clamp down on the bit. What makes the Waterford bit good in these situations is that it is broken at four points, it can almost be called "five-parted". When you hold the bit, it feels almost fluid because it is articulated in such a way.
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The same applies to the horse; when they try to bite down, the Waterford bit doesn't provide a solid surface to grip, allowing the rider with minimal effort to release the bit and continue the session. The Waterford is a bit that is often used by more experienced riders as it requires one to work with the bit in such a way that it remains calm in the horse's mouth. If it's pulled back and forth, there's a risk of it chafing the bars of the mouth.
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Waterford Bit Loose Rings
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