Winter Riding Boots

Riding boots are for many a vital part of the riding equipment. But during the winter months, many also suffer from numb, frozen toes that become especially noticeable when dismounting. A pair of regular riding boots do not provide enough insulation at really cold temperatures, and that's when winter riding boots can be a good addition to the rider's wardrobe!

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Lined Riding Boots for Maximum Winter Comfort

Winter riding boots not only help stabilize your leg and contribute to a better seat, but they also eliminate chafing and pinching from the saddle and stirrup leathers, just like any other riding boots. In addition to these features, lined riding boots ensure that you also stay warm and avoid discomfort – especially perhaps at the critical moment when you dismount from the horse, as we all know.

Complement Your Winter Riding Boots for Best Results

When the cold sets in, it's not just your feet that get cold. For the best results and maximum protection against weather and wind, you can complement your winter riding boots with warm, lined winter riding pants, a cozy riding coat, and thick riding gloves.

Because lined winter riding boots are somewhat wider, bulkier, and slightly less agile than regular riding boots, some may have concerns about the risk of getting stuck in the stirrups in case of a fall. If this is something you worry about, you can also complement your equipment with secure stirrups that have wide pads and either a fully open side or an openable one. Safety stirrups come in a variety of designs, including classic rubber bands or newer, innovative solutions offered by brands like Freejump.

Warm Thermal Riding Boots for Children, Juniors, and Adults

Really warm winter riding boots make things easier for both children and juniors as well as adult women and men. A thermal riding boot ensures that you stay warm and dry throughout the entire ride. If you wish to achieve the same effect in the stable and during groundwork, we recommend investing in lined riding shoes, as your winter riding boots should only be used when riding for the best durability.

At our store, you will find a carefully curated selection of high-quality, warm-lined winter riding boots from well-known brands such as Mountain Horse and Jacson. Just like other boots, thermal riding boots also come with features such as extra width for thicker calves, various colors – with black and brown being the most common – with or without lacing for different purposes, and many other designs so that you can find the best winter riding boots for you.

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