Jodhpur Boots & Yard Boots - Short Riding & Paddock Shoes

For riding and stable work, comfortable and durable shoes that can withstand the demands of the stable environment are required. But what is the difference between riding shoes, stable shoes, and jodhpurs? In reality, they are the same type of shoe, and you can certainly use them for both riding and stable work.
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Many also use riding shoes or jodhpur boots for everyday wear as they are a timeless and elegant choice. In general, shoes can be categorized as riding shoes and stable boots, with riding shoes being a slimmer variant for agility and closer contact with the horse, and stable boots often being a sturdier model with a thicker sole, sometimes even a steel toe cap. Jodhpurs come from the English word "jodhpur," which originally referred to riding pants with a loop under the foot. These riding pants were paired with low-shafted riding shoes, which came to be called jodhpur boots, hence the name jodhpur and also jodpur.

Stable Boots for Demanding Environments

For stable boots, a good tip is to demand quality in the material, it should be reinforced and capable of withstanding ammonia, with a robust sole providing good grip. Steel-toed shoes can be practical in demanding environments. Comfort is also important; consider ergonomic shoes with sole cushioning to protect your body during stable work.

Steel Toe Cap Shoes

Steel toe cap shoes are highly suitable for stable environments. The significant advantage of these shoes is, of course, the steel-reinforced toe section, which provides protection in case of being stepped on by a hoof or if a heavy object falls on the foot. We have steel toe cap shoes in several models for both children and adults, made of durable materials and full-grain leather. Otherwise, they are as comfortable as regular stable boots with cushioning in the sole and good arch support.

What Material Should My Riding Shoes Have?

The material you should choose for your riding shoes is individual and depends, of course, on your requirements for factors such as price, lifespan, comfort, and functionality. Here you will find shoes in various types of leather, synthetic materials, and a combination of materials. Full-grain leather is the highest quality of leather and has the best properties, such as extreme durability, long lifespan, and exceptional breathability. Full-grain leather is known to improve in appearance over time or with increased use. If price is the main focus, you can choose synthetic shoes, which do not have as many excellent qualities but are a good alternative. If you have high insteps, a good tip is to choose shoes with laces or elastic sections on the sides.
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Stable Jodhpur Cinnamon Brown
Riding Boots Wild River Lace Brown
Barnyard Twin Gore II Brown
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Jodhpurs Milano Brown
Riding Boots Rider Classic Brown
Riding Boots Wild River Lace Black
Stable Jodhpur Black
Mountain Horse
Jodhpurs Freema Black
Sneakers Pauli White/Rose
€35.99 €71.99
Riding Boots Wild River Lace Brown 36
Jodhpur Protective Steel Toe Black/Brown
From €84.99
Sneakers Airflow Black
Mountain Horse
Winter Riding Boots Active Winter Black
€59.49 €84.99
Jodhpur Protective XTR Lite Black
Riding Shoes Wild River Paddock Brown
Riding Shoes Arctica Zip Paddock Black
€90.30 €129
Jodhpur Protective XTR Lite Brown
Sneakers Airflow Pink
Mountain Horse
Riding Shoes Arctica Lace Paddock Black
€90.30 €129
Sneakers Airflow Navy
Mountain Horse
Riding Boots Veganza Zip Black
Jodhpurs Bari Black
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