Stable Hooks, Tack Room Fittings & Racks for the Stable

A matter of course for many, but without practical storage, work and time spent in the stable become much more difficult and time-consuming. Below, you will find a selection of smart hangers and hooks that ensure that every item has its place and can be stored in a way that saves space, prolongs the lifespan of the products, and provides a more practical everyday life in the stable.
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Hangers for Blankets and Saddles

Blanket hangers come in a couple of different types, either larger ones for storing multiple blankets in a stable or more portable blanket hangers that can be hung on the stall. The larger ones have the advantage of being able to be used for drying blankets after washing, but they require sturdy attachment to a beam or similar on the wall to support the weight of a larger number of blankets. The portable ones, on the other hand, are designed for lighter blankets and work perfectly for competitions, allowing you to hang your cooler or stable blanket conveniently between uses.
When it comes to saddle hangers, there are actually two types, just like blanket hangers: portable or fixed mounted in the tack room/on the wall. If they are to be in the tack room, a wider hanger that provides an even pressure surface against the saddle can be beneficial. Convenient foldable saddle hangers are best used as support in the stable aisle or as a quick solution for hanging the saddle when it needs cleaning. Portable saddle hangers have essentially the same uses as the foldable ones but with the significant advantage that they do not need to be mounted and can be taken to competitions or placed outdoors.

Practical Hooks & Hangers

Practical storage in a stable is essential; hooks of various kinds make it easy to hang items such as tools, water buckets in the stall, or different rods in the tack room. Specifically for the tack room, bridle hangers and grooming anchors are a must for all riders who want a neat and organized tack room. For bridle hangers, a broader model is recommended, not just a hook, as the development of bridles is moving towards wider padded headpieces, and these benefit from a wider contact surface.
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Cleaning Hook Anchor 24cm
Rod Holder 11 Rods
Hansbo Sport
Blanket Hanger 2.0 Black
Blanket Hanger HG Silver
Bridle Rack
Grooming Deluxe by Kentucky
Saddle Rack Foldable
Folding Saddle Hanger HG Black
Bucket Hanging Bracket
Hansbo Sport
Bridle Rack Black
Hansbo Sport
Aluminum Bridle Hook HG
Bridle Hook HG Black
Horse Guard
Saddle Hanger Straight
Källquist Equestrian
Hooks 5-pack HG Black
Horse Guard
Saddle Pad Hanger Luxe Navy Blue
Grooming Deluxe by Kentucky
Tool Holder
Hansbo Sport
Stall Sign
Grooming Deluxe by Kentucky
Cleaning Hook Anchor HG Black
Handy Hanger 4 Hooks
Hansbo Sport
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