Riding Breeches & Jodhpurs

A beloved child has many names. The traditional riding breeches in cotton and corduroy with suede knee patches have evolved significantly in recent years, and sporty, comfortable models like leggings and tights have been introduced and are here to stay.
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Characteristic of riding tights and riding leggings is that they are slim-fitting and made of soft, flexible, and functional material. Comfort is clearly the focus, and it should hardly feel like you're wearing a pair of pants. The classic models are also available for those who prefer them, but they too have been modernized and are aesthetically more appealing than in the past.

Riding pants with two or three buttons on the front symbolize a higher waist than with only one button. The materials vary both in the pants themselves and in the knee patches, and the knee patches come in full-seat and half-seat models. At the bottom, the riding pants have a slim material that doesn't bunch up or chafe in the boot.

Full-Seat Riding Pants

Full-seat provides superior grip in the saddle, especially with today's models that often have silicone seat patches. Riding pants with full-seat and silicone grip provide a securely glued feeling in the saddle, and you sit like a mold on the horse. Traditional versions with suede or suede-like seat patches are still available. We have a wide range of full-seat riding pants in different materials for both the pants and the seat.

Knee-Patch Riding Pants

Knee-patch riding pants have reinforcement or patches at the knees, which some people find gives a freer feeling with great freedom of movement. Knee-patch riding pants provide good grip at the knees and calves in the saddle, a quiet leg, and a more airy feeling for the thighs compared to full-seat.

Adapt to the Season

Perhaps you are one of those who change models according to the season and weather? In the summer, thin, lightweight materials with silicone grip are suitable, and during autumn and winter, you can keep warm in thermal riding pants or water-repellent softshell riding pants.

We at Horseonline are both active and former competitive and hobby riders, and our collective knowledge and experience form the basis for the range we choose. Feel free to ask us if you are unsure about your choice.
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Riding Breeches Diana White
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Riding Breeches Diana Taupe
€72.24 €84.99
Riding Tights Signature FG Black
€56.99 €75.99
Riding Pants Rhinestone Full Seat Black
€63.30 €210.99
Riding Breeches Prelude Full Seat Navy
€64.50 €129
Riding Tights Classic White
€76.99 €109.99
Riding Breeches Diana Navy
€72.24 €84.99
Riding Breeches Andalouse Full Grip Navy
From €40.04 From €84.95
Riding Tights Signature FG Navy Blue
€56.99 €75.99
Riding Breeches R-EVO Stretch Full Seat White
€218.39 €311.99
Guard Team Waterproof Overtrousers Navy
€84.15 €99
Riding Breeches Bali Navy
€29 €57.99
Riding Tights ClassicStar Grey
Men's Riding Breeches Robin White
€72.24 €84.99
Riding Breeches KLkaya F-Tec6 Wine Red
€47.20 €117.99
Tessa Grip Riding Breeches Nightblue
€55.80 €185.99
Riding Breeches Bali Grey
From €29 From €57.99
Men's Riding Breeches Robin Navy
€72.24 €84.99
Riding Tights Dalena Full Grip Black
From €50.06 From €89.95
Riding Tights Rhinestone Full Seat White
€50.70 €168.99
Riding Breeches Esther Black
€72.24 €84.99
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