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Does your horse have deteriorated hoof quality with brittle and fragile hooves that easily crack and become difficult to shoe? You've probably heard the old saying "no hoof, no horse," and it's no coincidence that it has become so well-known because many have experienced the truth in that expression. Hooves bear the full weight of the horse, and for optimal shock absorption against the ground, healthy and strong hooves are required. Here you will find high-quality supplements that promote your horse's hoof growth and contribute to healthy and well-being hooves.

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Improve Hoof Quality and Promote Hoof Growth

In addition to correct and regularly performed hoof care, which is, of course, a prerequisite for good hooves, we can also help our horses improve the quality of their hooves from within. This can be achieved through supplements specially designed to promote hoof growth and strengthen the horse's hooves. Here you will find supplements with various minerals, vitamins, and essential antioxidants that promote the quality and growth of your horse's hooves. We offer both powdered and liquid products so that you can find the most suitable option for your horse. Common substances for strengthening and maintaining healthy hooves include diatomaceous earth and biotin, which are included in several of the products.

Keep the Hooves Healthy

To keep the hooves healthy and overall sound, it's essential to clean them regularly, preferably every day, especially if the environment is wet or muddy. Ensure that the horse has a clean and dry surface in the stall to avoid bacterial growth and fungal attacks on the hooves. Vary the surfaces on which you train the horse. The horse's nutritional needs should primarily be met through calculated and tailored roughage intake, but each individual has different requirements, and different supplements may be needed for various purposes.

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