Horse Studs & Stud Kits

Studs for horses are attached to the shoes to improve traction. Studs are the same whether they are for horses or ponies. It may sound both simple and obvious, but there's more to consider than one might think. It's usually when you ride on a grass track that you need to have more options.
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Grass studs come in many different shapes depending on the surface. Using studs that are too long for a harder and more stable ground increases the risk of injury and wears out the horse. Likewise, studs that are too short for damp or soft ground can pose a safety risk as the horse might not get sufficient traction. This is a very general description, but considering these aspects when putting studs on a horse before a competition will guide you well.

Grass Studs & Winter Studs

Grass studs are crucial for riding on grass, especially during competitions like jumping. Winter studs, as the name suggests, are essential if you ride on slippery and icy terrains or gallop in snow, as you can never be sure about what lies beneath. Winter studs also come in various lengths and are a bit sharper to provide a firm grip on ice. If there's snow outside, it's beneficial to ask the farrier to attach snow pads as well, to prevent clumps of snow from building up and hindering the winter stud from getting traction on the ground.
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Grass Stud HS Tuna
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Blind Studs HS 10-pack
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Magnetic Stud Tray Silver
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Stud Tap HS Chaptap Orange
Stud Plugs 20-pack HG Black
Winter Stud HS Tuna 10x9mm
Stud Box with Studs Complete HG
Stud Cleaner HS with Brush
Stud Cleaner HS Chaptap Orange
Stud Tap HS 3/8
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Winter Stud HS Tuna 10x7mm
Blind Stud HS Tuna 10x7mm
Winter Stud HS Tuna 10x11mm
Hoof Pick with Brush HG
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