Baucher Bits & Hanging Cheek Snaffle Bits

The Baucher bit is designed like a regular snaffle in the mouthpiece itself, available as double-jointed, triple-jointed, and straight. The Baucher bit has fixed bit rings, and in addition, there's a smaller ring above the regular bit ring.
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In this smaller ring, the cheekpiece is attached, which makes the bit very stable. The Baucher bit is known to remain still in the horse's mouth and is often used for more sensitive horses or young horses where one wants a bit that doesn't move unnecessarily.

What characterizes a Baucher bit?

Characteristic of the Baucher bit is that it has two rings. The cheekpiece is attached to the upper, smaller ring while the rein is attached to the regular bit ring. The small ring is reminiscent of what is called a cheek, which sits below the bit ring as you see on curb bits, but the difference is that the small ring sits above the regular bit ring on the Baucher bit. The Baucher bit is mounted correctly by attaching the cheekpiece to the upper, smaller ring and the rein to the regular bit ring.

What impact does the Baucher bit have?

What happens during a rein cue with the Baucher bit is that the bit ring at the horse's mouth is affected in the same way as with a regular snaffle with fixed rings, and the small ring with the cheekpiece attached to it will be able to move slightly forward. A Baucher bit is no sharper than a regular snaffle with fixed rings. What many like about this bit is precisely its stability in the horse's mouth. The fixed rings combined with an upper ring attached to the cheekpiece also have a somewhat similar effect as a bit with cheek guards since it prevents the bit from sliding too much sideways. It is permitted to compete in dressage with a Baucher bit, either with a bridle or a curb bit combined with bridoon reins.
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