Deltas, Bit Guards and Other Bit Accessories

Some bits require additional accessories to function, like the gag bit, and sometimes you might want an extra complement that serves a purpose, like the pelham converter. Here you can find our accessories and complements for bits. We have bit guards, pelham converters, and cheek pieces for gag bits.
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Bit Guards and Pelham Converters as Complements

Many trends come and go within equestrian sports, but bit guards are a timeless classic that remains. Using bit guards provides a soft surface for contact and prevents the bit from pinching the horse's mouth corners. Our bit guards come in various colors.
Pelham converters are handy accessories for the pelham bit if one wishes to avoid riding with double reins. Pelham converters come in different versions, but their primary and common function is to connect with the rein and act as a branching point from the rein to the two bit rings. One attaches to the larger ring and the other to the smaller or lower lever ring. There are adjustable converters where you can set the length to get different effects on the lever versus the regular bit ring.

Cheek Pieces for Gag Bits

To use a gag bit, one needs special cheek pieces, also referred to as gag straps. The upper part is designed like a regular cheek piece with a buckle that you attach to the headpiece. The rest of the gag bit cheek piece is somewhat different than a regular cheek piece since it's designed to run vertically through the gag bit. The material of the “straps” is often nylon, which is durable and slides well through the bit ring.
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