Eggbut Snaffle Bits - Bits with Eggbut Cheekpieces

Eggbutt, which is the term used internationally and increasingly in Sweden, is a type of bit characterized by its slightly more oval bit rings and that these, with few exceptions, are fixed. Eggbutts come in several variants, double-jointed, triple-jointed, and so on.
The design of the eggbutt bit helps prevent the corners of the horse's mouth from being pinched, which can sometimes happen with loose ring snaffles. This makes the eggbutt a popular choice for sensitive horses or those prone to mouth injuries. The fixed, oval rings also provide a consistent and stable feeling for the horse, reducing the bit's movement in the mouth and offering a more steady contact for the rider.
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The advantage is that they are very gentle on the horse's lips. While a regular snaffle with loose rings can pinch, the eggbutt has a smooth contact surface, making it very comfortable for the horse.

Difference between eggbutt and D-ring?

A common question is the difference between a D-ring bit and an eggbutt. In terms of appearance, the main difference is that the D-ring bit has a straight side that rests against the horse's lips, in contrast to the oval ring of the eggbutt. Overall, the latter is considered a slightly milder and gentler bit, even though both are gentle and kind to the horse's lips.
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