Pads for Saddle and Horse's Legs

In the equestrian world, pads are a broad term and something that is widely used in various situations. For Horseonline, pads are actually divided into two major subcategories. Leg pads are the first subcategory, which encompasses everything used on the horse's legs, including thinner riding pads to more substantial bandage pads used in the stall.
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Within the realm of equestrian sports, pads are a broad category and are used extensively in various situations. For Horseonline, pads are essentially divided into two major subcategories. Leg pads constitute the first subcategory and encompass everything used on the horse's legs, ranging from thinner riding pads to more substantial bandage pads used in the stable.
The other subcategory is saddle pads, which includes popular variants in memory foam, anti-slip pads designed to keep the saddle and saddlecloth in place, various types of shock-absorbing gel pads, as well as more classic variants in felt and similar materials.

Saddle Pads for Use Under the Saddle

Saddle pads for use under the saddle come in many different types, each serving different purposes. A classic gel pad often works very well, as it is slightly thinner and more leveling, which means it has a somewhat smaller impact on the saddle than a thicker pad, even though a gel pad, of course, lifts the saddle slightly. It is also shock-absorbing, and many models come with an anti-slip function.
On the other hand, a pure anti-slip pad is often very thin with excellent grip, which provides a low impact on the saddle position. Other models that are used with good results include sheepskin pads and memory foam pads, where there are models with inserts to raise or lower the back or front arch of the saddle as the horse goes through changes in muscle development, which is common in young horses.

Bandage Pads and Leg Pads

Leg pads serve essentially two main purposes: thinner pads that focus on breathability, moisture removal, and excellent temperature regulation are used in riding (known as riding pads), while thicker stall pads or bandage pads are used in the stable, during transportation, or in the stall. They are used either to improve recovery after high-intensity workouts or to provide support in cases of overuse or injury.
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