Fly Rugs, Ride-On Fly Rugs, and Eczema Rugs for Horse and Pony

The summer season is a delightful period that both riders and horses enjoy in many ways, but it's also a time when flies and mosquitoes swarm and can make life very uncomfortable. Many horses suffer immensely from bloodsucking mosquitoes, biting insects, and flies that constantly land on their faces and around their eyes. Some horses and ponies develop summer eczema as a result of this, which is an insect allergy. Therefore, a fly sheet or eczema sheet is often a necessity during the worst months.
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What is an eczema blanket?

An eczema blanket essentially serves the same function as a fly blanket – it protects the horse from flies and other insects. The difference is that an eczema blanket has partly denser fabric and partly more fabric, which, in combination, provides better and more comprehensive protection than a fly blanket. Eczema blankets often have an extended, full-body belly cover that also covers sensitive areas such as udders and groins. Most of the time, they also come with a neck cover, either fixed or detachable, and in some cases, even an integrated hood or at least neck protection. The sides are also extended, as is the tail cover, for complete coverage.

Eczema blanket or fly blanket – what should you choose?

Which one to choose depends on the horse's needs and the conditions in the environment where the horse is kept. Both eczema blankets and fly blankets are lightweight and have excellent breathability, allowing air to circulate freely and preventing the horse from overheating.

It is said that our Swedish-born horses handle Swedish summer pests better than imported horses, Icelandic horses, and ponies. If you have a very sensitive horse, an eczema blanket is preferable. However, if you have a horse that may not need full-body protection, it may be more comfortable for the horse to be less dressed.

Regardless of your choice, you should ensure that you cover the horse early, before the insects become fully active, and continue to cover the horse until the insects have disappeared. At our store, you will find a carefully selected range of the best fly blankets and eczema blankets on the market, such as Bucas fly blankets, with Freedom and Buzz-Off being favorites, but also Horseware, where we offer Amigo, Rambo, and Mio, among other highly appreciated models. You will also find eczema blankets from Shires and Hansbo, to name a few.

Fly blankets and eczema blankets with UV protection for the best results

In addition to summer eczema, caused by insect allergies, many horses also suffer from sunburn. However, the horse does not need to have developed eczema to be at risk. A horse that spends a lot of time outdoors during the summer is exposed to dangerous UV rays, and just like us humans, horses can also get sunburned. Primarily, white or light-colored horses, horses with pink muzzles, or horses with white markings, such as blazes or stockings, are affected. But any horse constantly exposed to the sun can be at risk. A fly blanket or eczema blanket with UV protection is therefore preferable. For extra vulnerable areas, such as the muzzle, you may also need to apply sunscreen to the horse.

Fly riding blanket – give your horse optimal protection even during riding

Unfortunately, insects do not only bother the horse during pasture time. During riding or other training sessions when the horse gets warm and sweats, it may become an even more attractive target for insects, as the horse's scent that attracts insects intensifies. To ensure that the horse is protected even during training, a riding fly blanket is well worth equipping it with. You can also use a fly hood during riding to make life more comfortable for your horse or pony. The fly hood also shields the light rays and helps the horse see better in bright light.

Zebra fly blankets are said to confuse flies

Fly blankets with zebra patterns have become very popular. One might think that it is solely for aesthetic reasons and that it is simply nice or fun to cover your horse in zebra stripes. However, the reason is quite different. Studies have shown that flies are actually confused by the pattern and, as a result, do not see the horse. A zebra-patterned blanket deters flies and insects and minimizes attacks. A zebra fly blanket, along with a fly spray or other fly repellent that masks the horse's scent, may therefore be the best way to keep insects away.

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