Horse Joints Supplements - Improve Mobility, Range of Motion & Performance

The horse's joints are subjected to significant stress and need to provide both maximum mobility and maximum stability. Joints need to be exposed to movement to stay healthy, but excessive load can lead to issues such as pain and inflammation. Today, there are many excellent products on the market to promote joint mobility and prevent pain and inflammation. Here, we present our range of high-quality supplements that work to support good joint function in horses.
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When does the horse need joint supplements?

It's, of course, difficult to assess since it's individual, but generally, joint supplements can be given both preventatively to keep the horse healthy and mobile and as assistance to horses with impaired joint function. Supplements for the horse's joints can be used daily for preventive purposes for horses subjected to high training loads. Because the horse's own ability to produce hyaluronic acid decreases as the horse gets older, we also recommend using supplements for older horses who may have reduced mobility or easily become stiff.

How horse joints work

The joint that connects two bones is tasked with bending the legs at one or more different angles. In the joint, there is a viscous fluid - hyaluronic acid or synovial fluid - whose role is to lubricate and provide shock absorption so that the cartilage from the two bones does not rub against each other. A healthy horse produces its own synovial fluid when needed, but during intense loads, it may not always have time to recover and produce new synovial fluid, and that's when a supplement of hyaluronic acid can be beneficial.

Different supplements for healthy joints

In addition to hyaluronic acid, which is naturally produced in the horse's joints, you can also give the horse other supplements that promote healthy joints and contribute to good mobility. An example of a supplement is Glucosamine, which is also a natural substance in the body. Glucosamine is meant to nourish cartilage, tendons, and ligaments in the body and counteract wear and tear.
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Hyaluronic Acid 100
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Linseed Oil 5L
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Rosehip Pellets Organic 1.5kg
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MSM 100
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Collagen 600 g
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Devil's Claw Powder 600g
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Linseed Oil 1L
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BioGlucomin 450g
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Coarse Ground Rosehip Powder
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Linseed Oil 2.5L
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Joint Builder 450g
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Fine Ground Rosehip Powder Organic
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BioGlucomin+HA 450g
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