Horse Clippers & Accessories

When choosing a clipper for your horse, there are a few things to consider in order to find the machine that best suits your needs. Are you going to clip one horse or several, and how often? If you have many horses or really thick coats, it may be a good idea to prioritize a powerful machine.
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If the horse is sensitive and perhaps does not like to be clipped at all or is afraid of the cord, then a battery-powered machine may be a good alternative. Regardless, it's good to take your time before clipping, be patient, and let the horse get used to it in a calm manner. We also have really good trimmers that are lightweight and handy when you need to reach smaller areas.

Choose a clipping machine according to your needs

Horseonline has many years of accumulated experience with horses, and we carefully select our range. We work with well-known brands that provide high-quality clipping machines developed by riders for riders. All clipping machines we offer provide a smooth and fine result. In addition to choosing between corded or cordless clipping machines, there are a few other things that can vary slightly among the clipping machines on the market today:

  • Motor power. Machines with cords generally have a slightly higher motor power than battery-powered ones and can therefore clip more in less time. A more powerful machine is usually a good idea if you're going to clip more horses or really thick coats.
  • Sound. Generally, battery-powered machines are usually a bit quieter. If it's important to have a quiet machine, you should investigate and compare the decibels (dB) of different machines. Machines considered quiet usually have a dB of about 65-70. Other machines can have a dB of around 80-85.
  • Ergonomics. Do you need a machine that is ergonomically designed, such as one with a tapered handle or lightweight? Machines considered lightweight usually weigh just under a kilogram.

Accessories for clipping machines

Optimize the lifespan of your clipping machine by maintaining it properly, lubricating it, and replacing the blades when necessary. Here you will find accessories such as oil and spare blades for the clipping machines we sell.
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Aesculap Clipster Horse Guard Lister Premiere WAHL
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Clipper Blade Coarse 2-4mm
Bonum Clipper with Battery Blue
From €420.99
Clipper Oil
From €6.99
Bonum Clipper with Battery Pink
From €420.99
Cordless Trimmer Admire
FarmClipper4 Corded Clipper
Cordless Trimmer Buzzard Zirconia Black/White
€58.49 €64.99
Cordless Trimmer Condor White
€58.49 €64.99
Mini Clipper Pico
Clipper Oil Biodegradable 100ml
€4.49 €4.99
Cordless Mini Trimmer Piccolini Blue/Black
€17.99 €19.99
Clipper Eagle Expert Orange
€197.99 €219.99
Earplugs HG Black
Horse Guard
Clipper Blade Fine 2-4mm
Clipper Vulture Blue
€269.99 €299.99
Clipper Legend
Cordless Clipper Kite Li-Ion Blue/Black
€287.99 €319.99
Clipper Falco Blue
€233.99 €259.99
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