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What conditions does your horse need to build optimal muscle strength? The horse's body is athletic and consists largely of muscles, which are tasked with creating movement, stabilizing the joints in motion, and protecting the internal organs. So, the muscles serve as support for the horse's tendons, joints, and ligaments, and therefore, it is important to keep the horse in good muscular shape and condition. If, for example, your horse receives roughage that lacks sufficient protein, you can add it with the help of muscle-building feed supplements. But, of course, it is important that you know the extent of your horse's needs.
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How to Increase Your Horse's Muscle Mass?

In addition to a proper diet and varied training, it's important not to underestimate rest after exercise. It is during recovery that the important building process occurs, where nutrients are distributed and absorbed into the muscles. It's crucial to provide the right type of protein, which contains essential amino acids like lysine and threonine. The quality of the protein is crucial for your horse's muscle development. When talking about protein quality, it refers to the type of amino acids that make up the protein.

Meeting the Protein Requirement

Unfortunately, a lack of protein or lower-quality protein is a fairly common issue in horse feeding today. It's common for forage to contain lower protein levels than what meets the horse's needs. Our range of high-quality supplements includes essential amino acids, so you can feel confident in choosing feed supplements with high-quality, highly digestible protein for your horse. You should, of course, have a correctly calculated basic diet and then supplement with what your specific horse needs. This ensures you provide nutrients in the correct proportions.

Keep Muscles Supple Before and After Exertion

Our range of feed supplements also includes vitamins, minerals, herbs, antioxidants, and other essential nutrients that collectively contribute to both preventing stiff muscles and aiding in good recovery after muscular exertion.

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