Riding Coats

During the cooler half of the year, it's important to have well-adapted clothing that keeps you warm during your many hours spent outdoors in the stable and on horseback. A long riding coat is specially designed not only to protect a significant part of your body from wind, precipitation, and cold but also to facilitate your work with innovative and practical features.

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Unlike a shorter riding jacket, a riding coat or riding cloak is designed to keep as much of your body warm and dry as possible. However, not just any coat can be used comfortably on horseback, so it's important to choose a coat specifically designed for riding. The riding coat, also known as a riding parka, typically has openings on the sides or a slit at the back, often equipped with zippers or buttons, to make it easier for you to mount and dismount. Some have a riding flap on the back with an inner lining that unfolds like a quarter sheet to increase comfort and prevent unnecessary cold from seeping in. Riding coats also often feature a two-way zipper at the front, allowing you to easily open it at the bottom when you're in the saddle and then close it completely when you're in the stable.

Riding Coats for Children, Juniors, Women, and Men

A riding coat is suitable for anyone who spends a lot of time in the stable and in the saddle. Both small children and juniors as well as adult women and men can benefit from a long riding jacket when the weather is not at its best. Especially during the winter, when extreme cold can occur in our country, a riding coat is preferable for anyone. Even during the rainy days of autumn when the sky opens up, a slightly thinner, waterproof riding cloak can be very helpful. As they say, there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. So don't let anything stop you from doing what you love most. In adverse weather conditions, you can complement your riding coat with items like lined winter riding boots, warm riding gloves, and cozy winter riding pants.

The Multifunctionality of Riding Coats as Long Stable Jackets

Despite the name "riding coat," which suggests it's only for riding, it's also intended to be used as a stable coat. In addition to the many features designed to provide freedom of movement and protection in the saddle, a riding coat also has many features to make your work on the ground easier. A long stable jacket primarily serves the same purpose as a riding coat – to protect as much of your body as possible from both cold and moisture. However, it has additional advantages, such as during lunging or when leading the horse to and from the paddock. Most riding coats are equipped with reflectors to increase your visibility in the dark. They also often have many spacious pockets for storing your mobile phone, gloves, or even a handful of pellets as a reward. In our range, you'll find riding coats from well-known brands like Mountain Horse and Equipage, and of course, the favorite Riding Coat Mary from Jacson.

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Long Riding Coat Quinn Black
Riding Coat Flash Parka Silver
Riding Parka Alicia Black
Mountain Horse
Mindy Raincoat Black
Mountain Horse
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Riding Parka Alicia Grey
Mountain Horse
Riding Parka Alicia Navy Blue
Riding Coat Alicia Coat Navy
Lined Raincoat Spirit Black
Mary Navy Jacket
Jacket Mary Brown
Mindy Raincoat White
Mountain Horse
Riding Coat Igloo Navy
Riding Coat Candice Navy
Riding Coat Regular Sport Blue
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Riding Jacket Candice Black
Mary Black Jacket
Raincoat Jr Drops Black
Mountain Horse
Raincoat Seattle Navy
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