Horse Calmers - Calming Supplements for Horses

What are calming feed supplements?

There are different types of calming supplements designed for various situations or different types of stress or imbalance in horses. Generally, these supplements often consist of various herbs and minerals and are available in both liquid and powder forms.
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Black cohosh and magnesium are common ingredients in this type of feed supplement. Black cohosh is a hormone-balancing herb, and magnesium is an elemental (earth metal) known for its relaxing effects and improved concentration. Both black cohosh and magnesium are also widely used in human nutrition.

Why give calming feed supplements?

Situations where horses become stressed, explosive, or even aggressive can cause problems in their interaction with humans. A stressed and nervous horse is not only a problem for humans but also entails unnecessary suffering for the horse. Stress can lead to impaired performance, which is undesirable, especially in competitive settings. Most horse people have probably experienced situations where a horse became stressed or noticeably affected in mood for various reasons. It should not escalate to the point where the situation becomes dangerous, risking harm to both horse and human. Fortunately, there is help available. Ensure your horse has a good, calm, and safe experience by adding calming supplements when needed. All to promote safer horse handling and a more pleasant experience for both you and the horse. Here, you will find proven combinations of natural supplements, with the goal of achieving a more harmonious and calm horse that performs to its full potential.

When might it be good to use calming supplements?

Some horses are naturally more explosive and may always need some form of calming supplement. For others, it may be relevant in situations causing stress or during heat cycles if hormonal imbalance significantly affects a mare or if, for example, a gelding exhibits stallion-like behavior or aggression. Some products are used more continuously; always read the specific product instructions on how to use it. Please also note that some products have withdrawal periods. Examples of situations where calming feed supplements can be helpful include:

  • During loading, shoeing, or clipping - situations in handling that can cause stress.
  • At competition venues - note that only products with no withdrawal periods should be used.
  • During heat cycles or hormonal imbalances.
  • Excess energy during convalescence, for example. A horse should naturally have a lot of energy, but if it's injured and needs to take it easy, having excess energy can be problematic. A convalescing horse that is used to a lot of exercise suddenly has more energy than it's accustomed to expending.
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