Horse Cooler Rugs

Cooler blankets are a type of functional horse blanket designed primarily to wick away moisture and sweat from the horse's body. This helps keep the horse dry and comfortable after strenuous exercise where the horse has sweated a lot or after a bath. Cooler blankets are sometimes also referred to as transport blankets because they are suitable for this purpose as well.
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Choose a Cooler Blanket Based on Usage

While cooler blankets have a clear function, their intended uses can vary, so it's a good idea to consider what the blanket will primarily be used for to ensure you buy the right type. Here are some differences to be aware of:

  • Material - The majority of cooler blankets are designed for use in warmer weather and are therefore very lightweight. However, there are variations with lightly padded interiors, such as brushed polyester that creates small air pockets. On the other end of the spectrum, there are models with fabric over the back, with mesh or similar material along the sides to keep flies and insects away during the summer.
  • Cross Surcingles - Some blankets have them, and others do not. Cross surcingles are an advantage if the horse moves freely, such as in the stall, as they help keep the blanket in place. However, many cooler blankets come without them and are primarily intended for use during transport, walks, or in the stable aisle. Several models also have detachable cross surcingles, combining the functions mentioned above.
  • Neck Cover - Typically, cooler blankets do not have a neck cover, but some models include this feature. They are particularly useful for helping the horse dry after a bath in slightly cooler weather or in combination with a warmer functional blanket.

These are important details, but fundamentally, it's essential to choose a blanket that fits your horse well, effectively wicks away moisture, and adapt the use of the cooler blanket according to the season and temperature.
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Power Cooler Black
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Power Cooler Navy Blue
€61.19 €71.99
Dry Liner 50g Navy
Cooler Blanket Acrylic Heritage Dark Gray
€118.99 €139.99
Amigo Jersey Cooler Navy
Cooler Rug HG Navy
Horse Guard
Cooler Blanket Fleece Navy
Therapy Cooler Navy Blue/Orange
€186.15 €219
Cooler Blanket Softshell Navy
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Cooler Rug HG Black
Horse Guard
Cooler Sheet 4D Spacer Beige


Cooler Blanket 3D Spacer Navy
Cooler Sheet 4D Spacer Pine Green


Sweat Rug Loden Navy
€76 €151.99
Cooler Blanket Fleece Black
Competition Cooler Navy Blue
€80.75 €95
Fleece Blanket Stamp Platinum Pure Light Yellow
€70.69 €100.99
Sweat Rug Rambo Dry Rug Navy
Combo Blanket Navy
€35.99 €47.99
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