Horse Ear Bonnets - Acoustic Ear Bonnets and Fly Veils for Horses

The hood's primary function is to protect the horse from insects or noise if you use a noise-reducing hood. However, it has increasingly become a stylish detail in the outfit of the team.
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Many riders match the hood with other details in the team's outfit, such as their jacket or the horse's saddle pad.

Wide Range of Hoods

We have both short and long hoods, all of good quality and in a stylish and clean design. The longer models extend a bit over the nose bridge and can be attached to the noseband. Here, you'll find hoods in various colors and designs, including plain and discreet colors, as well as those with stylish details like emblems and bling. If you have problems with the hood frequently sliding under the neck strap or even coming off when the horse shakes its head, you should check out our hoods with silicone-reinforced neckpiece. These hoods have silicone details on the top that fit against the neck strap, ensuring that the hood stays securely in place. Is your horse sensitive to a lot of noise in the surroundings, especially in competitive situations? With our noise-reducing hoods, you can eliminate disturbances for horses that are sensitive to noise. Many riders use noise-reducing hoods in competitive situations or on other occasions when the horse is exposed to a lot of noise.

How Noise-Reducing Hoods Work

The difference between a regular hood and a noise-reducing hood is that the noise-reducing hood has padded ears to block out much of the sound, thus reducing discomfort for horses sensitive to noise. The ears on these hoods are padded and often consist of multiple layers, such as neoprene in the middle with an outer layer of hypoallergenic cotton to ensure the highest comfort for the horse.

Features of Noise-Reducing Hood

  • Padded ears
  • Noise reduction
  • Multiple layers, neoprene, and cotton
  • Excellent fit for maximum comfort
  • Reduces discomfort for noise-sensitive horses
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Calming Mask FIR-Tech Black
€39.96 €49.95
Ear Bonnet E-logo Black
From €52.19 From €57.99
Ear Bonnet E-logo Navy
From €51.79 From €57.55
Fly Veil Classic Navy Blue
€46.71 €54.95
Mesh Ear Bonnet Light Grey
€10.20 €33.99
Hood Jewel Heritage Dark Gray
€24.49 €34.99
Long Ear Bonnet Lungo Loop Black
€13.49 €14.99
Ear Bonnet Color Pink/Grey
€8.99 €9.99
Fly Viel Wellington Grey
Fly Veil Black
Soothing Hood Spirit with Ears Black
€93.49 €109.99
Long Ear Bonnet Lungo Loop Blue
€13.49 €14.99
Ear Bonnet Rabbit Ears Gray/Pink
€11.69 €12.99
Long Ear Bonnet Lungo Loop Burgundy
€13.49 €14.99
Ear Bonnet Soundless Gerald Navy
€64.79 €71.99
Fly Veil Brown
From €48.78 From €54.99
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