Fly Protection for Horses

When summer arrives in all its glory, so do the flies, mosquitoes, and horseflies. As if these weren't annoying enough for us humans, it also means discomfort for our beloved horses during the warm summer months.
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But there is help available. With proper protection like fly masks and fly sprays, we can eliminate a lot of suffering and create a calmer and more pleasant environment for horses during the summer. Here, you can find fly masks and effective fly sprays to keep flies and mosquitoes away.

Fly Masks and Fly Veils

We offer a variety of fly masks in different sizes and designs. Products with zebra patterns are popular in all types of horse fly protection and can be found here on fly hoods and fly veils. Research has shown that this pattern can confuse and disorient flies, making it harder for them to land and settle on the surface. We provide fly masks that you can easily fasten under the jaw, designed in lightweight materials that optimize air ventilation.

Fly Protection with Nose and Ear Covers

Within horse fly protection, there are options with both nose and ear covers. If your horse is sensitive to the sun, we recommend more comprehensive fly protection with UV protection. The muzzle is often a vulnerable area that can be prone to sunburn. Look for models with a nose cover that extends down over the muzzle. Most variations also include ear protection.

Fly Sprays and Fly Gels

Complement your fly protection with fly spray to give your horse the best chance to fend off these pesky insects. We offer both spray and gel forms that can be applied to sensitive areas or used for horses that don't like spray bottles. Many fly sprays contain citronella, a natural and non-toxic repellent, especially effective against mosquitoes.

Tip! Does your horse have a long forelock? Look for a variant with a hole or one where you can create a hole to pull the forelock through, so your horse doesn't have to sweat with the forelock pressing against its forehead.
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Horse Guard
Superb Horse Ointment Green
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Benson Fly Mask Black
Fly Rug Buzz-Off Zebra
Fly Rug Zebra
Fly Rug Zebra
Fly Mask Freedom Silver
HG Fly Browband Brown
Horse Guard
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