Horse Boots & Leg Protection for Horses

Leg protection, tendon boots, technical boots, brushing boots, overreach boots - what are they exactly? "Leg protection" is a general term that encompasses all types of protective gear for the horse's legs. In show jumping and cross-country, tendon boots, technical boots, and overreach boots are most commonly used.
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For dressage, ground work, and all-around riding, brushing boots and overreach boots of various kinds are often used. Of course, it's possible to use these leg protections for other training forms as well or whatever suits one's needs. Read about their properties and see what suits you and your horse best. Here is a brief explanation of the different types of leg protections, which are usually categorized by use:
  • Leg Protectors - A general term that encompasses various kinds of leg protections.
  • Tendon Boots - Specifically designed to protect tendons from blows, such as from hooves or bars, mainly used in showjumping.
  • Technical Boots - Structured like the tendon boots but shorter, adapted to the horse's hind legs.
  • Brushing Boots - Longer than tendon boots and enclose a larger part of the leg. They are used more in dressage and groundwork.
  • Overreach Boots - Available in both short and long models, they protect the inside of the fetlock and the leg if the horse "brushes" or "clips" itself.

Leg Protection by Use

To more easily distinguish different types of leg protections and understand their differences, they are usually categorized by their use. Below, we categorize leg protection according to the most common uses: showjumping and dressage.

Jumping Leg Protectors

Jumping leg protectors are designed to protect the front leg's tendon and joints on both front and hind legs. Front leg protectors for jumping are therefore also called tendon boots. For hind leg protection in jumping, two different models are commonly used: overreach boots and technical boots. The difference between them is that overreach boots are primarily intended to protect the inside of the fetlock from so-called brushes, i.e., when the horse brushes or clips itself during movement, while technical boots also have a hard shell on the outside and wrap around in the same way as the tendon boots. Characteristic of jumping boots is that you want slim and agile protections that do not affect the horse's movement pattern, yet they must be durable and resistant to blows. Jumping protections usually consist of soft neoprene or gel on the inside and a harder impact-resistant shell on the outside. There are many variations and price ranges, from simpler protections to the most advanced with ventilation, ergonomic fit, and groundbreaking materials. Don't forget to check the rules for competition; if you compete with a young horse, for example, there is a maximum weight on the protections. More information is available on the respective product if it is approved for a young horse.

Allround & Dressage Protectors

For dressage and groundwork or other riding, brushing boots and overreach boots of a more all-around model are often used. Appearance and materials vary, but in general, these protections are higher and more enveloping around the leg than jumping boots. Wide Velcro straps ensure that the protection sits firmly and rests evenly against the leg without a specific pressure point. The variations are many, and materials range from the thinnest neoprene and airy mesh versions to sturdier protections with sheepskin or teddy lining. Some protections of this model also go down a small bit over the fetlock for optimal protection.
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