Kimblewick Bits - For Stong Horses

Kimblewick bits and flippan bits work with a leverage effect, albeit on a smaller scale than, for example, a pelham. It's also possible to move the rein to various positions, so in its simplest form, it can be almost likened to a Baucher bit. The Kimblewick bit is highly valued for its flexibility,
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You can ride with a rein in a fixed position, or with double reins to adjust during the session. Kimblewick bits and flippan bits are very similar, but the attachment for the rein differs significantly, making it a bit more flexible. The flippan bit has become very popular, and many horses are comfortable with them. There's also a wide variety of mouthpieces ranging from rubber to leather or pure metal.

Hunting Curb - Kimblewick with a bar

Hunting curb is essentially the same bit as a Kimblewick, but it's specifically with the straight mouthpiece that it can be termed a hunting curb, or in some cases, a hunting bit. The mouthpiece can also come as entirely straight or with tongue relief. However, it's a term that's used less frequently today, and to find more of what you're looking for, we recommend using the term Kimblewick instead of hunting curb.
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