Effax Leather Combi+ 500 ml
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Effax Leather Combi+ 500 ml

Grease-free leather cleaner in a foam formula from Effax. Effectively removes stubborn dirt and sweat while keeping the leather soft.Read more

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  • The Effax Leather Combi combines properties that clean deeply while being a gentle cleaner that doesn't dry out your equipment. It's effective against caked-on dirt, grease, and sweat. With regular use, it has a repellent effect against dust, fungus, and mold. For extra nourishment when needed, apply leather balm after cleaning.

    • Grease-free foam formula
    • Effective against caked-on dirt
    • Repels dust, fungus, and mold
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  • About the Brand
  • Effol has always placed great importance on understanding the relationship between people and horses, and it is a foundation of the products they create. For Effol, this means responsibility, care, trust, and appreciation. Effol focuses on the friendship with the horse because grooming is not just a task but also an essential part of building friendship and strengthening the bonds between the horse and the rider. With high-efficiency products that, in one way or another, directly or indirectly, contribute to a happier horse, Effol is a brand to rely on and should be present in most stables.
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