Bit Straight Barrel 11 mm
Bit Straight Barrel 11 mm in the group Horse Tack / Bits / Eggbut Bits at Equinest (470015_r)


Bit Straight Barrel 11 mm

Straight bit with a movable middle part to stimulate the horse, 11 mm thick.Read more


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  • A straight bit from Metalab with a thickness of 11mm. The Barrell series from Metalab refers to the thin-shaped middle part that can roll and increase stimulation for the horse, which can be challenging with a "regular" straight bit. It features protection for the mouth corners to prevent chafing or pinching and has the advantage of providing the smooth and movable contact of a bit with loose rings while being chafe and pinch-free like a bit with fixed rings.

    • Movable middle part
    • Straight bit
    • 11mm thick
    • Pinch-free
    • Loose rings
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