Single Jointed Gag Bit
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Single Jointed Gag Bit

Single Jointed gag bit in a traditional design with fixed rings, made of stainless steel.Read more


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  • A Single Jointed gag bit in a traditional design. This Single Jointed gag bit is made of stainless material, which requires minimal maintenance and has a long lifespan. Gag bits require special cheekpieces to run through the rings and provide the lifting, sharper effect that gags are designed for. It can be ridden with two reins, one pair attached as a traditional gag and another pair attached directly to the bit ring like a regular snaffle, giving the rider better options and preventing the bit from becoming too sharp in the same way.

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  • Metalab manufactures bits primarily in stainless steel, with a focus on a design that fits well in the horse's mouth. The range is wide, and even though the foundation is stainless steel bits, there are many variations, such as leather- or rubber-covered bits. They offer good value for money and have a long lifespan.
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