Aqua Boots Black
Aqua Boots Black
Aqua Boots Black
Aqua Boots Black
Aqua Boots Black
Aqua Boots Black
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Aqua Boots Black

Smart, softening water boots that gradually add moisture and soften the hoof. Ideally used in combination with a moisturizing hoof grease to seal in the moisture and maintain a consistent level of moisture.Read more


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  • In periods of dry weather or in drying environments, such as bedded stalls or areas with sandy footing, there's a significant risk of the hoof horn shrinking, leaving gaps in the hoof that can lead to cracks and increased brittleness. Hoof cracks can cause more significant damage and also provide a foothold for bacteria, resulting in poorer hoof quality and making it considerably more challenging for the farrier.

    QHP's innovative Aqua Boots consist of three moisturizing layers that, by gradually adding moisture, soften the hooves and minimize the risk of cracked or brittle hooves. Ideal to use, for example, a while before the farrier's visit to facilitate the work or during the entire summer season to ensure the hooves stay soft and elastic.

    • Slowly moisturizes the hooves
    • Enhances the horse's hoof quality
    • Makes hooves easier to work on
    • Effective for dry hooves
    • Prevents hoof cracks and chipping
    • Easy to use
    • Can be used in pasture or stall
    • Should be used in combination with hoof grease
    • Convenient Velcro strap
    • 2-pack


    First, soak the boots in water and then fasten them around the horse's hoof. Afterwards, the horse can go out to the pasture or stay in the stall as usual while your water boots take effect. The boots are easily secured using a convenient Velcro strap.

    The boots can certainly be used in the pasture, but they are intended for hoof care, not protection. The material is not as durable as boots designed for protection and outdoor use. If your horse tends to play and frolic a lot in the pasture, QHP recommends using the boots indoors only to avoid damaging them.

    Keep in mind
    Adding water to the hooves provides a quick softening effect, but the water also evaporates quickly. For the best and lasting results, you should complement it with a moisturizing hoof grease after using the boots. The grease then seals in the moisture, helping the hoof maintain a consistent moisture level and better handle changes in different environmental conditions. When using the boots, the hoof swells from the water, and if the horse is immediately exposed to drying surfaces or sunlight and heat, causing rapid evaporation of the water, there's a risk of sudden contraction. This can contribute to the problems you're trying to avoid or eliminate, such as hoof cracks, becoming worse. Therefore, always use hoof grease afterward to minimize this risk.


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    Size Guide
    This size guide is a directional reference towards the right size. Please note that each horse is unique, and it's best to try the boots to find the optimal fit.

    A refers to the circumference at the top of the boots, B refers to the lowest circumference of the boots, and C refers to the height of the boots. See the image below for reference.


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