Safety Vest Airbag Spark Black
Safety Vest Airbag Spark Black
Safety Vest Airbag Spark Black
Safety Vest Airbag Spark Black
Safety Vest Airbag Spark Black
Safety Vest Airbag Spark Black
Safety Vest Airbag Spark Black
Safety Vest Airbag Spark Black
Safety Vest Airbag Spark Black
Safety Vest Airbag Spark Black
Safety Vest Airbag Spark Black in the group Riding Equipment / Safety Vests & Back Protectors at Equinest (3211682BA)


Safety Vest Airbag Spark Black

Covalliero's Airbag vest is made with advanced safety technology and specially designed for those looking for an affordable alternative without compromising on safety. The vest's airbag system deploys in just 0.3 seconds.Read more


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  • Using a safety vest with an airbag is becoming increasingly popular - and with good reason. An Airbag vest not only provides protection for the back, lumbar spine, sacrum, pelvis, uterus, and chest but is also perceived by many to be much more agile and flexible than a traditional safety vest.

    Covalliero's Airbag model Spark has been developed with high-level safety technology and is specially designed for those looking for an affordable option without compromising on safety. Additionally, the Airbag deploys in just 0.3 seconds, further enhancing safety.

    The safety vest is worn like a regular garment, over a thinner shirt. After mounting, you easily attach the vest to the Y-shaped saddle strap using the elastic strap, which is in turn attached to the vest. In the event of a fall, a ball will be shot out to the elastic strap, which, in turn, triggers a pointed piston to penetrate the cartridge and activate the airbag system, inflating the safety vest.

    The inflated Airbag effectively absorbs shocks while stabilizing the body from the head to the coccyx, reducing the risk of hyperflexion of the spine. After the fall, the vest will automatically deflate.

    Inside the vest, there is an adjustable regulator that allows you to customize and optimize the fit to ensure it fits properly. The safety vest is approved for individuals over 18 years of age to compete in.

    • Airbag system with CO2 cartridges
    • Absorbs shocks and stabilizes the body
    • Adjustable fit
    • Approved for competition for individuals over 18 years of age


    • Covalliero Safety Vest Airbag Spark
    • 1 cartridge
    • 1 saddle strap
    • 1 elastic strap
    • 1 hex key for cartridge replacement

    Usage Instructions
    The vest is designed to be worn close to the body, so only wear a thin shirt underneath. Never wear any clothing over the vest unless it is a compatible garment clearly marked as approved for use over an airbag.

    Ensure there is a gap, roughly the size of a clenched fist, between the body and the vest in the center of the chest. This is to avoid the vest from constricting when it deploys.

    The Airbag must be securely attached to the Y-shaped saddle strap using the elastic strap to deploy. The saddle strap is attached to the stirrup leathers, on each side, after the stirrup leathers have been removed. Once the saddle strap is in place, reattach the stirrup leathers, and finally, the strap's attachment loop should be centered above the saddle.

    Before dismounting, unfasten the vest from the saddle strap to avoid the vest from accidentally deploying.

    Cartridge Replacement Instructions

    • Prepare the hex key and a new CO2 cartridge
    • Insert the hex key into the fitting on the underside of the casing and release the mechanism
    • Place the deployment ball in the recess. Here, it may be necessary to manipulate the mechanism back and forth with the hex key until the ball is securely in place
    • Remove the spent cartridge
    • Press out the air from all air channels again by placing the front side on a clean and flat surface and running your hand over each channel
    • Check again that the deployment ball is correctly positioned in the recess
    • Remove the hex key
    • Screw in a new cartridge
    • Straighten the air channels and snap the existing protective caps with snap buttons
    • Slide the buckle through the opening in the chamber lid and fasten it

    Size & Fit

    • The vest should be long enough to cover the hips but not so long that it reaches the saddle
    • The vest is worn as the outermost layer over clothing, which means it should not cut into the body when worn over riding clothes
    • The waist width can be adjusted with the inner belt


    • Alienor Certification (2754), 21 rue Albert Einstein, 86100 Châtellerault, France, which corresponds to EU Regulation 2016/425 and complies with protocol GEG-001 from CRITT Sport Loisirs

    Technical Information

    • Inflation speed: 0.3 seconds
    • Cartridge size: 45g for XXS-XS, 50g for S-M, and 74g for L-XL
    • The CO2 cartridge may only be used once and must be replaced after inflation
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    Size Guide

    How to Measure?
    A - Measure around the chest, at the widest point
    B - Measure around the waist, at the deepest point
    C - Upper body length, measured from waist to shoulder line
    See image below.

    Size A - Chest
    B - WaistC - Upper body length
    XXS 74-82 cm60-68 cm30-33 cm
    XS80-88 cm66-74 cm33-36cm
    S86-96 cm72-80 cm36-39 cm
    M95-105 cm78-86 cm39-42 cm
    L100-110 cm84-92 cm42-45 cm
    XL110 - 120 cm94-102 cm45-47 cm

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