Bronchix Liquid 1 L
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Bronchix Liquid 1 L

Cavalor Bronchix solution is a fast and effective remedy for colds, coughs, and mucus buildup as it supports the upper respiratory tract.Read more

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  • Cavalor Bronchix Solution is a fast and effective solution for colds, coughs, and mucus formation as it supports the upper respiratory tract.

    Bronchix Liquid is an effective way to manage colds, coughs caused by irritation, or mucus formation in horses. It also provides nutritional support that opens the airways, which is effective in helping the horse before more intensive exertion.

    Coughs caused by irritation can have various reasons; the horse may have inhaled dust, experienced sudden changes in weather conditions, or simply have sensitivity. Even though "tickling" coughs are often temporary, they negatively affect and are discomforting and irritating for the horse. Here, Bronchix Liquid can support recovery and alleviate the horse's irritation, as it helps to remove the irritation causing the cough more rapidly.

    Cavalor Bronchix Liquid is a blend of various essential oils known for their mucus-clearing and soothing properties. This combination results in a quick outcome that not only makes it easier for the horse to breathe but also has a positive effect on the entire bronchial system. It also contains a mixture of plant extracts, including eucalyptus, lemon, and rosemary.

    Pour 25 ml twice a day over the feed, or dissolve it in drinking water and continue for at least five days. It can also be used a few days before competition to give the horse's airways the best possible conditions.

    The maximum daily dose is 100 ml.

    Questions and Answers about Bronchix Liquid

    How does Cavalor Bronchix Liquid work?
    In brief, Bronchix Liquid opens up the upper airways to improve the horse's breathing, especially in cases of cough caused by irritation.

    Does the horse get immediate relief?
    Yes, the horse experiences immediate relief.

    After using Bronchix Liquid for a while, I see mucus in the horse's nostrils, is this normal?
    It is entirely normal and a natural part of the process. Mucus secretion is an essential part and somewhat a sign that you are getting the desired effect.

    Can it be given directly in the horse's mouth?
    Yes, it can be administered directly into the horse's mouth using a syringe, in which case, be sure to hold the horse's head up so that it consumes all of it.


    Composition of Bronchix Liquid
    Herbs, magnesium chloride, sodium chloride.
    Analytical Constituents
    Ash 0.1%
    Crude protein 0.6%
    Crude fat 1%
    Fiber 0%
    Moisture 96%
    Sodium 0.1%




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  • Since its inception in 1989, Cavalor has been crafting various types of horse feed and supplements, centered around the needs of modern sport horses. The product range includes both preventive and therapeutic supplements, all sharing a common hallmark: the quality of the product is maintained at every stage of production until it reaches you as the customer.
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