Charles Owen

Charles Owen is a leading brand when it comes to riding helmets. For well over 100 years, they have been providing helmets of the highest quality, with a focus on safety. Owning a Charles Owen helmet is not just like owning a piece of equestrian history; it's also like owning a piece of the equestrian future.

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The mission to make the world safer through riding helmets

Charles Owen was founded in England in 1911 with the mission of creating products for a safer world. Initially, the company manufactured helmets for the British army, but 17 years into the helmet industry, they shifted their focus to the equestrian sector and quickly gained a reputation as advocates for rider safety. In 1983, for instance, Charles Owen played a key role in developing the first safety standards for riding helmets. The company has since been passed down through generations and is still family-owned, with Charles Owen's great-grandchildren now serving as CEO. Their mission to make the world safer remains central to the production of their riding helmets today.

VG1-Approved Helmets - A must when choosing Charles Owen

All helmets from Charles Owen are, of course, CE-marked and approved according to the EU's basic health and safety requirements. However, every helmet from Charles Owen, and our entire range of riding helmets, is also VG1-approved - because we believe safety is the most crucial attribute of a helmet. It's no accident that Charles Owen was among the first manufacturers in the market to achieve VG1 approval. They are renowned for setting the standard for safety in the industry, and with a helmet from them, you can feel truly secure in the saddle.

VG1 is an additional certification indicating that the riding helmet has been tested to a higher standard, which is not a requirement but a recommendation from the EU Commission to helmet manufacturers. If you want to compete, however, you are required to wear a VG1-approved helmet as a rider.
As we understand that safety comes first, and you have many other important decisions to make when purchasing a new helmet, you are free to choose from all helmets in our carefully curated selection, always ensuring you receive a top-quality approved helmet.

A handcrafted helmet of the highest quality

All helmets from Charles Owen are handcrafted by a specially trained, skilled team in their own factory in England. The manual process ensures the highest quality and safety for you, the end user. Charles Owen produces approximately 180,000 riding helmets for riders around the world each year, including the English royal family.

Charles Owen helmets come in a variety of designs. The most popular models include SP8, Wellington Classic, and Pro Skull. In the manufacturing process, Charles Owen places great emphasis on material choices, leaving nothing to chance. From its core to its shell, you can be confident that the helmet meets a standard beyond the ordinary. Whether you choose a helmet with a leather look or velvet, a sparkly helmet with glitter and gold, or a more subtle design in black or brown, several employees have worked diligently to create the best finish of its kind.

How do Charles Owen's helmets fit in terms of size?

Charles Owen riding helmets are true to size. Their size chart follows classic helmet sizes, with each size indicating the circumference of your head in centimeters. Measure around your head with a tape measure, just above your eyebrows, to determine the size that's right for you.

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Riding Helmet YR8 Sparkling Black/Black
From €165.29 From €185.99
Riding Helmet SP8 0Sparkly Plus Micromocka Black/Black bling
From €394.55 From €441.99
Riding Helmet YR8 Sparkling Navy/Navy
From €165.29 From €185.99
Riding Helmet SP8 Plus Micromocka Navy
From €338.17 From €378.99
Pro Skull II Plus Black
From €220.91 From €247.99
Pro Skull II Plus Silver
From €220.91 From €247.99
Riding Helmet YR8 Sparkling Black/Silver
From €165.29 From €185.99
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