Stirrups and Stirrup Leathers

The stirrups from the French brand Freejump have become incredibly famous and stand out with their special and stylish design. Freejump did a great job of listening to what the market demanded, catering to both top riders and amateurs.

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The first well-known stirrups developed by Freejump were the X’Up model, which was initially challenging to market but eventually became the precursor to today's popular Soft’Up. The groundbreaking concept was the automatic release of the foot in the event of a fall, inspired by bicycle pedals with the same function. Today, Freejump is a benchmark for innovation and high-tech products designed for performance, comfort, and safety both for riders and horses. Freejump stirrups are visible at almost every competition and are also used by many well-known top riders. The specially designed stirrup leathers ensure that you, as a rider, can get closer to the horse with your leg, and they have a smooth loop where you attach the stirrups. Freejump stirrup leathers are not recommended for calfskin saddles, which are significantly more delicate in leather than other saddles.

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Minichaps America Black
K2 Riding Shoes Black
Pro Grip Stirrup Leathers Brown
From €91.79 From €156.99
Airbag Safety Vest Black
Cartridge for Safety Vest
From €23.99
Stirrups Soft Up Lite Black
Stirrups Air's Red
Airbag Saddle Strap Black
Soft Up Lite Navy Stirrups
Foxy Riding Shoes Black
From €145.28 From €244.99
Soft Up Lite Pins Rio
€8.40 €20.99
Soft Up Pro Plus Red Stirrups
Soft Up Lite Pins Red
Stirrups Air's Black/Silver
Stirrups Soft Up Lite Grey
Stirrups Soft Up Lite Red
Collar Brown
Spurs Spur'One Disc Black
Stirrups Soft Up Lite Pink
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