Modern Protection with Top Quality

According to many, Veredus protection is the best you can have. The quality is unbelievably good, and they last a long time. Veredus protection is tailored to the horse's legs, following the contours perfectly and fitting like a glove.

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The inside of Veredus boots is made of neoprene, which is a breathable material that sits comfortably against the horse's coat. It's also very easy to maintain and simple to wipe clean.

Veredus Carbon Gel & Grand Slam Boots

The most renowned Veredus boots are undoubtedly the immensely popular Carbon Gel boots, used by riders worldwide. The Carbon Gel series combines a sporty and modern design with an exceptional ability to absorb impacts and shocks through the carbon fiber-reinforced areas and a middle layer made of shock-absorbing gel. Carbon Gel is the line of boots that put Veredus on the map, and since then, the development has continued. Recently, they introduced the Grand Slam boots, which offer the same great features with excellent ventilation and gold-colored details. Grand Slam is a tribute to Veredus' sponsored riders who won the first Grand Slam title, and hopefully, there will be many more to come! The Grand Slam model is available as front and hind boots, and for the hind, there are options for both young horses and technical protection.
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Super Sheen Coat Shine
From €18.99
Boots Safety Bell Black
Icelandic Boots White
From €190.99
Young Horse Fetlock Boots Kevlar Black
From €90.13 From €100.99
Boots Carbon Shield Brown
Carbon Gel Vento STS Black
From €205.13 From €229.99
Carbon Gel Vento STS Brown
Curium Leather Balm 500ml
Boots Safety-bell Light White
From €42.02 From €47.99
Kevlar Tendon Boots STS Black
From €206.64 From €231.99
Boots STS Brown
From €69.83 From €78.99
Young Jump Vento Black
Magnetic Blanket Black
Grand Slam Young Jump Black
Sanix for Itch 500ml
Saddle Pad Allround Black
Grand Slam Young Jump Brown
Boots Carbon Shield Black
Boots STS Black
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