Wobbi is a Swedish brand that manufactures affordable boots and shoes made from non-toxic EVA material. Their rubber boots and shoes are incredibly lightweight and highly durable – perfect for long days in the stable or dog walks when the weather isn't at its best. In addition to the aforementioned benefits, Wobbi also features innovative details in some models that make them useful year-round and ensure complete waterproofing even when wading through knee-high snow.
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How the Idea of Wobbi's Rubber Boots Came About

The founder of Wobbi was previously employed at one of Sweden's largest sports retail chains and identified in their work that there was a need for flexible, warm, and durable boots at an affordable price. This led to the idea of creating the perfect boot with the perfect price.

Wobbi - a More Environmentally Friendly Choice Than "Regular Rubber Boots"

Wobbi's boots and jodhpurs are made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), which is completely free from toxins, lightweight, and durable. It is used in products like yoga mats and baby pacifiers. The material contains millions of small air bubbles, which also provide excellent insulation - perfect for winter boots. Numerous different rubber boots from various factories, made of different materials, were initially tested to meet a long list of stringent criteria. One crucial item on the list was that the boots should be a better environmental choice than "regular rubber boots." After 14 months of searching and testing, the choice was clear, and the first EVA boots were put into production, which are now known as "Winter Boots."

Tested with Fantastic Feedback

When Wobbi's first order arrived from the factory, it was time to put the boots to the test in real-world conditions. The boots were distributed to actual end-users, and their feedback was sought. 150 pairs of boots were given to a range of users, including parents spending long days in sledding hills, snowmobile dealers, hunters, fishermen, horse enthusiasts, and farmers. The feedback was fantastic, with all 150 testers loving their boots, and the remaining boots sold out immediately.

How Does Wobbi Work on Sustainability?

For Wobbi, the environment is a top priority. They continually work actively to improve and refine their processes to reduce their impact on the environment. Some examples of how they do this include: - Not delivering their shoes and boots in boxes, as this takes up unnecessary space. This choice allows 40% more boots and shoes to fit in the same container as before, resulting in fewer shipments and less environmental impact. - Placing larger orders directly and shipping all goods with 40-foot containers instead of 20-foot containers, allowing twice as much cargo to fit in the same shipment. - Powering Wobbi's warehouse with solar panels, providing green electricity.

What Is Wobbi's Vision for Boots and Shoes?

Wobbi's vision is to continually develop and improve their range to become the obvious choice for boots for all seasons and all users.

Why Should You Choose Wobbi's Boots and Jodhpurs for the Stable?

With many hours spent in the stable every day, it is essential to take care of not only the horses but also yourself. To perform well in the stable, your feet need to be comfortable—and that's where Wobbi comes in. Wobbi's boots and jodhpurs are waterproof, so you don't have to worry about wet and chilled feet. They are also incredibly lightweight, allowing you to handle both hard work and stand in the arena without any problems. Moreover, they are made of highly durable EVA, ensuring quality that won't crack or deteriorate, even in demanding environments with exposure to ammonia and other stresses. The Lisa model has an innovative, removable lining, allowing you to use the boots in both warm and cold conditions. During the summer months, you can easily remove the lining and replace it with the included insoles for a modern rubber boot suitable for warm summer rain. In the winter, you can keep the cozy polyester lining in place to keep your toes warm. Wobbi's Winter Boots unisex model and Women's Winter Boots Nina both feature a snow lock at the top, which, when closed, prevents snow from entering the shaft when you're trudging through knee-high drifts. Unlike most other lined boots on the market, both variants have a removable lining that can be washed and replaced when worn out. These are just some of Wobbi's fantastic innovations that you can get at a competitive price.
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