Tall Riding Boots

Small details can matter when it comes to equestrian performance, and the margins for what leads to a win or a loss are sometimes razor-thin. With high-quality riding boots, you can be confident that you'll not only receive excellent support for your leg and stability for your ankle but also that good boots can contribute to an overall better seat and elevate your riding to higher levels.

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The benefits of riding boots are numerous. Apart from serving as aids during the ride, they are also a stylish detail that adds a touch of elegance to your entire equestrian ensemble, whether you're competing or riding casually. Riding boots also provide protection against chafing and pinching injuries from both the saddle and stirrup leathers. Additionally, they offer a secure grip in your stirrups.

Riding Boots or Riding Shoes – What Should You Choose?

Often, riders are accustomed to one or the other, and both have their pros and cons. Riding shoes are a good option if you are a beginner and don't want to spend too much on your gear, or if you are a recreational rider who prefers trail rides and simple arena work. However, unlike riding boots, if you ride with riding shoes, you completely miss out on the extra leg stability that riding boots provide. You also miss the protection against chafing and pinched calves, which you will quickly realize can be quite uncomfortable. Half chaps can be an option to prevent the latter, but they still don't offer the same support as a pair of riding boots.

Stylish Riding Boots for Dressage and Show Jumping

Riding boots come in a multitude of different models and styles. The most common differentiation is between boots intended for dressage and show jumping, but there are also all-purpose boots that are suitable for riders without a specific focus. In our selection of riding boots online, you'll find stylish riding boots from renowned brands like Mountain Horse, Ego7, Parlanti, and Hansbo Sport, regardless of your equestrian discipline.

Dressage Boots for the Perfect Ride

Typically, dressage boots are characterized by a harder and straighter shaft designed to facilitate a deep seat, specifically in the vertical position. Classic dressage boots are black, matte, or patent leather and are a stylish accessory that is usually required in dressage competitions. However, it is also permissible to use other colors for your riding boots in dressage, with brown dressage boots being the most common alternative to black.

A dressage boot generally lacks lacing and is often more elegant and simple in design compared to a jumping boot. However, details like rhinestones or even crocodile patterns are not uncommon. Adding a touch of personality to your attire and equipment can likely boost your confidence and ultimately give you an extra edge to achieve the perfect ride.

All-Purpose and Jumping Boots for Professionals and Amateurs

Jumping boots, and all-purpose boots for that matter, are usually a bit softer in the shaft to make it easier to push down your heels properly and allow for seamless transitions between two-point and three-point seats. Since show jumpers often include dressage and flatwork in their daily training, being able to adjust your stirrup length easily is a must. Jumping in dressage boots with a rather stiff shape can be challenging, but riding dressage in all-purpose or jumping boots that are more flexible is easier. If you don't have a specific focus in your riding, jumping or all-purpose boots are preferred.

Jumping boots often feature lacing at the front to increase flexibility over the ankle. In some cases, the lacing is there purely as a stylish detail. When it comes to competition, the same rules apply as in dressage: riding boots or jodhpur boots with short chaps without fringes are allowed. In show jumping, it is more common to experiment with colors other than black and brown. Seeing blue or white riding boots in the arena is not unusual. For a polished look, you can easily match your boots with your riding apparel, riding helmet, and other equipment for you and your horse!

How Should Riding Boots Fit?

We all have different body shapes, and there isn't one riding boot that fits all. Some may need low riding boots if they have shorter legs, while others may require a taller model if they have longer legs. Many riders wish for riding boots with extra wide shafts to accommodate broader calves. Regardless of your needed fit, you will surely find the right riding boots with us. You can easily try them at home and exchange sizes if needed.

A general tip is to invest in a pair of riding boots that at least reach your knee crease, as the boot will settle over time. New riding boots should also fit quite snug, which may feel a bit uncomfortable before you break them in and they conform to your shape. If you prefer your boots to fit looser, it's, of course, a matter of personal preference, but keep in mind that durability may decrease as wrinkles more easily form. To increase the longevity of your boots, regardless of their fit, you can use boot shapers when storing them.

Riding Boots for Children, Juniors, Women, and Men

Riding boots are available for everyone, and the design doesn't differ much between children, juniors, and adults, or women and men for that matter. The most important thing is to find something that suits you and provides the right support during riding. For growing children, it may be a good idea to buy rubber or synthetic leather riding boots as an economically sound option since children quickly outgrow their boots. For women and men, leather riding boots are the best choice, as properly cared for leather boots have a longer lifespan and are a good investment for many years to come. Therefore, remember to only use your riding boots for riding and opt for stable shoes when you're not in the saddle. Also, make sure to regularly polish your boots to prevent the leather from drying and cracking. You can find a wide range of leather care products here with us.

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