Earplugs HG Black
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Horse Guard

Earplugs HG Black

Earplugs that help reduce loud and unpleasant noises in the surroundings - perfect for noise-sensitive horses! Especially useful when clipping the horse with clippers, during farrier visits, or when riding in an indoor arena with unfamiliar sounds (such as wind and snow).Read more

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  • Earplugs to help you dampen loud and unpleasant sounds - perfect for sound-sensitive horses!

    If you have a skittish horse that finds loud noises uncomfortable and you're tired of picking cotton fluff out of your horse's ears, this fantastic product will undoubtedly become your new best friend. The earplugs dampen all ambient sounds, helping your horse relax. They are ideally used when you're clipping the horse with clippers, during loading and transportation, for farrier visits, at competition venues, during rides in noisy environments, or in indoor arenas with inexperienced horses (when the sounds of wind and snow can startle the horse).

    Made from 100% acrylic, these earplugs are safe to use in your horse's ears and easy to both insert and remove. They also come with a cord to prevent them from going too far into the ear.

    • Dampens loud ambient sounds
    • Calms the horse
    • Attached with a cord to prevent them from getting stuck in the horse's ears
    • Easy to insert and remove
    • No lint


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  • About the Brand
  • Horse Guard is an incredibly popular brand in the equestrian industry, known for its wide range of horse and stable equipment and very competitive prices. Horse Guard, often referred to as HG, offers everything you might need for your horse and stable. The products are developed based on customer needs, with three main focus areas: an attractive appearance, good ergonomics, and competitive pricing – all of which are clearly evident in each final product.
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