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100% pure petroleum jelly for both you and your horse.Read more


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  • Vaseline is a well-known and proven product that effectively moisturizes dry and cracked skin and subsequently protects by forming a water-repellent barrier that encapsulates moisture and prevents further dehydration.

    For the rider, Vaseline is used for chapped lips, chapped and dry hands, feet, and other areas with dry or exposed skin.

    For the horse, Vaseline is used for dry or irritated corners of the mouth, chafing, and sores in areas such as the fetlock, as well as other skin areas with dry or cracked skin.

    Odorless, tasteless, and fragrance-free.
    Because this product consists solely of 100% petroleum jelly, it is also suitable for sensitive skin and allergy sufferers.

    Petroleum Jelly
    24 months of shelf life. For external use.
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  • About the Brand
  • Swedish-made animal care products for both horses and dogs have been produced since 1954 by Trikem. Trikem is synonymous with quality and exclusively works with carefully selected products and ingredients that meet the highest standards. A key factor in Trikem's success is their unwavering focus on knowledge at every stage of the process. From product development to customer consultation, they are continuously updated with the latest information. Trikem consistently aims to improve the well-being of animals, regardless of their performance level, and strives to bring out the best in each individual.
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