Swedish-Made Supplements for Sport Horses

Trikem's ambition is to provide the sport with the very best products at a price that makes them accessible to many. Collaborations with specialists in the industry allow Trikem to always stay at the forefront and benefit from new studies and research, resulting in modern products tailored to today's needs.

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Today, a sport horse differs significantly from one 50 years ago, not only in terms of how they are trained and competed but also due to the evolution of breeding practices. This places demands on feed and supplements because not all needs can be met with just forage or a generic feed. Supplements can play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy and injury-free horse. All supplements and care products are manufactured in Sweden, in their own factories in Skåne, which has been key to ensuring the quality for which Trikem is renowned.

Liniment - Gel or Liquid, Sweden's Best-Selling Liniment

One of the most popular products in the range is liniments. The Radital Liniment series is Sweden's best-selling liniment and has been on the market for over 60 years. It comes in both liquid and gel forms for those who prefer it and has a long-lasting effect appreciated by both horses and riders. External products, like liniments, are often combined with different types of supplements, depending on the specific issue, such as hyaluron for joints, an incredibly popular product with fantastic results. While supplements are what Trikem is most commonly associated with, the range of external products like liniments and various care products is an essential part of the assortment, offering everything for a healthy, sound, and injury-free horse.

Trikem Feed Supplements - Supplements for Both Horses and Dogs

For many years, Trikem has been at the forefront of providing supplements for horses, which remains the core of their business. Magnesium, various vitamins, MSM, glucosamine, and much more are used in many stables. Trikem has developed extensive expertise in advising on how these supplements should be used and what to provide for specific purposes. While horses have been the focus of their business, the range for dogs has grown significantly in recent years and is currently the fastest-growing segment. Much is similar to the horse range, where many building blocks are similar but adapted to address the challenges often seen in dogs with an active lifestyle or older age.

About Trikem

Trikem was founded in Sweden, specifically in Malmö, in 1954. Production of all Trikem products still takes place in the factories in Malmö and Klågerup, where a focus on quality at every step is as important today as it was 65 years ago. The guiding principles of quality, knowledge, credibility, and high service underlie all their work, aiming to provide horses, dogs, and the planet with the best opportunities for a healthy and sustainable future.
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From €9.99
Radital Cooling Gel
From €6.99
Thiamine 500 g
Radital Liniment Gel
From €10.99
B-Vitamin Liquid
From €11.99
Hyaluronic Acid 100
From €36.99
Saline Solution 200 ml
From €4.99
Zinc 500 g
Hoof Paste 750 ml
Gastro 1000 g
ItchStop 500ml
From €18.99
Collagen 600 g
Harmony 900 g
Muscle Maker 1kg
B-Vitamin Pellets 1000 g
Biotin 1000 g
From €26.99
Hoof 1000 g
Radital Liniment
From €6.99
Focus 600 g
WD Hyaluronic Acid 365
From €29.99
BCAA 500g
Electrolyte 1.5 kg
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