Veterinary Export Ointment 400g
Veterinary Export Ointment 400g
Veterinary Export Ointment 400g in the group Grooming & Health Care / Wound Care / Wound Ointments & Sprays at Equinest (VE400-400G)


Veterinary Export Ointment 400g

A jar of vegetable-based horse ointment that is antiseptic and has analgesic as well as anti-inflammatory effects. It is used for various purposes, including dry skin, summer eczema, mud fever, strained legs and tendons, udder inflammation, muscle soreness, protection against insect attacks, and to reduce swelling.Read more

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  • Veterinary Export, from Vegebom, is a vegetable ointment for horses. It has many applications and contributes naturally to your horse's well-being. It is a completely pure natural product that acts soothingly, mildly antiseptic, and has both pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects.

    What is Vegebom Veterinary Export used for?
    The horse ointment is used for, among other things, dry skin, summer eczema, mud fever, strained legs and tendons, muscle soreness, for udder edema (not dangerous for foals), against insect attacks, and on swellings.

    How do you use Vegebom Veterinary Export?
    Treat the affected area 2-4 times a day. This applies to both healing, moisturizing, and decongestant effects and to repel insects. Vegebom Veterinary Export horse ointment can be used on all types of mammals, not just horses. However, it should not be applied to infected wounds. It should not be bandaged either; the ointment is effective as is.

    Competition Withdrawal

    • For competition in Sweden and for competitions under NEMAC - 96-hour withdrawal
      NEMAC's (Nordic Equine Medication and Anti-doping Committee) withdrawal list includes the Swedish Equestrian Federation (SvRF), Swedish Gallop (SG), Swedish Trotting (ST), and the Swedish Icelandic Horse Association (SIF), as well as the Norwegian Trotting Association (DNT), Norwegian Jockey Club (NJ), Danish Trotting Central Association (DTC), and Danish Gallop (DG).
    • FEI - 0-hour withdrawal, withdrawal-free

    Please note
    A new product should always be applied to a small area first to test if the horse is sensitive to any ingredients in the product. We recommend doing this at least 24 hours before full use.

    A blend of plant extracts from the plant kingdom, consisting of 100% natural substances. The horse ointment contains no chemicals or synthetic substances that can hinder or disrupt the natural healing process.

    Ingredient list: Petrolatum, paraffinum, liquidum, paraffin, ricinus, communis, eucalyptol, laurus, nobilis, colophonium, myristica, fragans oil, camphor, melaleuca leucadendron, cupressus funebris twig oil, menthol, prunus armeniaca, kernel oil, CI 75815, chamomilla recutita extract, linalool.

    Canister of 400g

    Do not store cold

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