Competition Blanket Velvet Bordeaux
Competition Blanket Velvet Bordeaux
Competition Blanket Velvet Bordeaux
Competition Blanket Velvet Bordeaux
Competition Blanket Velvet Bordeaux
Competition Blanket Velvet Bordeaux in the group Horse Rugs / Show Rugs & Travel Rugs at Equinest (52171Vn_r)


Competition Blanket Velvet Bordeaux

This luxurious competition rug in rich burgundy velvet, from Kentucky, features elegant quilting and a lovely interior of soft (synthetic) rabbit fur.Read more


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  • Information
  • Highly popular competition rug in luxurious, burgundy velvet from Kentucky, featuring elegant quilting and a delightful interior of soft (artificial) rabbit fur.

    This is Kentucky's signature rug with an exterior made of velvet and an interior of artificial rabbit fur, which provides a polishing effect on the horse's coat and helps retain warmth. Around the withers, the rug features artificial sheepskin that enhances both comfort and appearance, making the rug a real eye-catcher!

    The rug has a 160g filling, making it perfect for the stable as well as for shows during the cooler periods of the year. The quilting, which is partly aesthetically pleasing, also makes it more difficult for the horse to tear the rug.

    • Luxurious velvet
    • Cube-quilted for extra durability
    • Artificial rabbit fur on the inside to keep the rug in place and polish the coat
    • 160g fiber filling
    • Artificial sheepskin around the withers

    Can be machine washed at 30 degrees and retains its softness even after washing. Should not be tumble dried.

    Technical Advantages

    • Artificial rabbit fur
      Products from Kentucky that mention "rabbit fur" or "rabbit skin" are made of artificial rabbit fur, providing your horse or dog with an extremely soft feeling, preventing chafing, and also preventing the fur from sticking to the lining.
    • Breathable
      Air passes through the fabrics to prevent your horse from overheating due to its equipment and protection, allowing it to perform better and feel better.
    • Machine washable
      Most of Kentucky's products can be machine washed at 30 degrees. However, you should wash them as infrequently as possible and always use laundry bags to maintain quality for a long time. Let them air dry in dry conditions. Avoid tumble drying or heated air. Air drying is fine.
    • For the stable
      Suitable for use in the stable; all products breathe and are available in different thicknesses to adapt to the season.
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    Size Guide
    The size refers to the blanket's back length (A-B in the image below). The drop length is measured as C-D. All measurements are in centimeters.

    Size/Back Length (A-B) Drop Length (C-D)

  • About the Brand
  • Kentucky was founded in 2010 and has since quickly grown to become one of the most popular brands in the market. Kentucky manufactures 100% animal-friendly products, which means that no animal elements are used in their equipment. For example, Kentucky works extensively with synthetic leather, artificial sheepskin, and artificial rabbit fur, all of which have been refined over the years to maintain top-notch quality. While Kentucky Horseware is the major part, the dog range, Kentucky Dogwear, has been steadily growing in popularity among dog owners in recent times.
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