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The popularity and demand for Kentucky's products have increased at an incredibly rapid pace in recent years. The range now includes almost everything for horses and dogs, including blankets, halters, girths, and leg protection, and more recently, leashes, dog collars, and much more.

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An overarching feature of all Kentucky products is the use of artificial materials, which allows Kentucky to proudly label itself as 100% animal-friendly and create products where the only difference from "genuine" products, according to Kentucky, is their superior quality and durability. Here are some of the most common materials used in their products:

  • Artificial Leather: All materials used by Kentucky are of the highest quality, and their artificial leather embodies the key qualities of quality, durability, and low maintenance. This "leather" is waterproof, dirt-repellent, and does not lose color or shape over time. Most products can also be machine-washed at 30 degrees Celsius. It can also be easily matched with other equipment, as it closely resembles real leather.
  • Artificial Sheepskin: In Kentucky's own words, their artificial sheepskin is "better than real sheepskin in every way." It maintains its shape and color in a completely different manner, is easy to brush out and keep clean, and can also be machine-washed at 30 degrees Celsius. It costs more to produce than real sheepskin, a cost Kentucky willingly incurs to deliver a superior, 100% animal-friendly product.
  • Artificial Rabbit Fur: While sheepskin put Kentucky on the map, their innovative rabbit fur has helped solidify their position as possibly the best brand on the market when it comes to artificial materials. Rabbit fur is used on the inside of various blankets and is extremely soft, preventing chafing. It also provides excellent warmth by creating small air pockets, while the thin, soft hairs polish the horse's coat, leaving it beautifully glossy.
  • Proteck Impact Gel: A clever innovation that adds a new dimension of safety to many of Kentucky's leg protection products. Impact Gel solidifies upon impact and can thus distribute the force of the impact across the shell, rather than directly into the horse's leg. Immediately after, it softens again, and the protection is once more soft and flexible, significantly enhancing the horse's comfort. Tests have shown that products using this technology could absorb impacts 50% better than any other protection on the market. It can even withstand impacts that would normally break a human bone.

Blankets for Stable, Transport, and Outdoor Use

The range of blankets has steadily increased and is currently the most popular category in Kentucky's extensive assortment. Depending on your horse's behavior and habits, it is essential to choose a blanket that is well-suited both for these factors and for the prevailing weather conditions where it will be used. In the stable, warming fillings are often used in winter, while thinner, more dirt-repellent options are preferred in the summer. Instead of relying solely on heavy, thickly padded blankets, you can consider one with artificial rabbit fur on the inside, for example, which can provide the equivalent warmth of 200g, which is sufficient for most of the year, especially in the southern part of the country.

The same applies to outdoor blankets, where it's also crucial to consider durability (denier) and their ability to withstand large amounts of water. Once again, the need varies, and Kentucky Horsewear offers blankets with deniers ranging from 600 to 1680, making it easy to choose one that suits the situation.

Other blankets come with various features, such as back blankets with a soft interior that prevents chafing during movement, cooler blankets made of fleece or softshell, underblankets with no snaps that press or chafe. Most functional blankets also have the advantage of a "Quick Dry" feature, which allows them to dry quickly and keep the horse warm after sweaty workouts or baths.

Eco-Friendly & a 100% Animal-Friendly Brand

In addition to manufacturing products with a strong focus on quality, Kentucky is also an "Eco-Friendly" brand where environmental consciousness permeates every aspect. The company's headquarters in Belgium is carbon-neutral and uses 100% green energy. No animal products are used in production; all Kentucky products are made from high-quality artificial materials, which is why they can proudly claim to be a 100% animal-friendly brand.

About Kentucky

Kentucky first emerged in 2011. Considering how rapidly it has gained popularity and the quality of the goods it sells, it feels like they have been a part of the equestrian world for much longer. The core values have been "excellence & innovation" since the beginning and are evident in every product that leaves the factory. In 2017, Kentucky Dogwear, dog products of the same high quality as the rest of the range, was added to the assortment. This was in response to high demand from riders and teams who wanted top-notch equipment for their dogs as well.
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